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What are the early symptoms of renal failure

2016-12-30 11:36
The early symptoms of kidney failure is not typical, easy to be ignored, and the occurrence of renal failure often leads to unexpected consequences, kidney failure parts of serious disease, the cause of the renal failure, many people do not know is why, imperceptibly, lead to the deterioration of the disease, suffering from kidney failure will give us the generation of life bring serious problems, in the early stage of renal failure if we can timely know the symptoms of renal failure, then we can effectively restrain the deterioration in renal failure disease early.
Kidney failure can be said for the body is very large, will bring very serious harm to the body, to effectively prevent the harm brought by renal failure, in order to make you more aware of kidney failure symptoms, early symptoms of renal failure here we recognize the five main aspects.
1 changes in urine volume. If suffering from renal failure, the patient's urine valve will not be controlled, a large amount of residual urine will not be excreted, thus a large number of retained in the kidney tissue. The patient looked swollen and swollen eyelids. If that happens, it's a sign of kidney failure.
2 leg swelling symptoms. In patients with renal failure, there is swelling in the legs. Especially in the development of renal failure to the mid-term, the patient's leg swelling symptoms are more obvious. If the kidney is not a good friend, and then found his legs swollen particularly powerful, then it should be noted that there may be a renal failure.
3 the body is tired, there is no strength. This is the earliest form of renal failure. Because there are a lot of reasons to cause fatigue and lack of energy, so it is easy to be ignored.
4 yellow face no bloodshot: the study found that many patients with renal failure will have symptoms of anemia, anemia in the early signs are mainly manifested in the face. At the same time also showed black or purple lips.
5 the symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. When renal failure occurs, can cause a variety of symptoms, such as diarrhea and vomiting. This is mainly because the cause of urinary toxins, urine toxins affect the human digestive function, if not treated, will cause stomach regurgitation, nausea and diarrhea. At this time, there is no cure for kidney failure, and the kidney has turned to the fiber.
Expert tips: the above article is about the early symptoms of renal failure, renal failure caused by various systems of discomfort, great harm to the human body, so we want to take control in the early development of the disease and nephropathy, renal failure, we do the science of prevention in the beginning, once the symptoms of renal failure. Timely to medical institutions for regular inspection, to avoid delay the treatment of the disease.
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