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Chronic renal failure population why smell?

2016-12-29 18:47
Chronic renal failure population why smell? Chronic renal failure patients often feel there is a smell in the mouth, say, such as "ammonia", "smell of urine" and "fertilizer" taste "smell" etc.. Experienced doctors according to smell the smell emanating from the patient's mouth the size can be roughly estimated with nitrogen level of hematuria and make patients in stable or worse judgment.
Patients with renal failure also have that kind of experience, the condition improved in mouth smell of urine small, big mouth niaowei sicker, why is that? Because patients with renal failure, toxins such as urea nitrogen can not be properly discharged, accumulation in the body, the intestinal bacteria urease resolve urea into ammonia, gastrointestinal stimulation the tract mucosa, exudes a stench from the mouth, commonly known as the "smell of urine". In view of the mechanism, it is not difficult to understand the urine taste in the mouth and the size of blood in the urine nitrogen values are closely linked.
Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is in charge of gasification, can make the "Turbid Yin out of body, then discharge that is human waste from the dross size, maintain the normal physiological function. If the kidney tired, no turbid Yin, gasification, while the other way up, then the smell of urine in the mouth. So it's true for those situations:
First, seize the time to carry out the correct, standardized treatment;
Second, strengthen oral care, pay attention to oral hygiene.
When the renal function, can not be excreted in the urine toxins, will accumulate in the blood caused by poisoning symptoms (that is, uremia), will lead to excessive hydrogen, sodium and potassium ions in the body. The control diet for patients with chronic renal failure is a kind of basic treatment, can reduce urinary toxins produced by the body, but also maintain the lowest nutrient requirement and electrolyte balance, but this plan is a challenge to the patients themselves and the family to work hard to overcome, because often need to give up some satisfying their appetites food. For patients with renal failure, renal damage due to food, eat into the body, toxins and waste generated, not normally excreted, so it is necessary to pay special attention in the diet, avoid the body burden.
Chronic renal failure population why smell? This is because the disease impact, according to the patient's disease, the smell is different, according to the symptoms of the correct treatment, away from kidney problems, make your life better
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