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Symptoms, signs and treatment of renal failure

2016-12-24 15:34
1 little urine period. Decreased urine volume caused by hyperkalemia, water intoxication (severe edema, elevated blood pressure, pulmonary edema or brain edema), metabolic acidosis and acute uremia symptoms. Hyperkalemia and water intoxication were the main causes of death.
More than 2 urine. Renal tubular epithelial cells regenerative repair urine volume gradually increased, so that blood potassium, blood sodium decreased, continuous polyuria patients can die of dehydration and electrolyte disorders.
3 recovery period. Urine volume decreased to normal after polyuria, blood Bun, creatinine (Scr) and electrolyte returned to normal level, but renal tubular function and structure returned to normal still need 3 ~ 6 months. Failure to recover into chronic renal failure. Although non oliguria type of urine volume, but blood Bun, Scr increased daily and appear toxic symptoms, due to kidney injury is light, so prognosis is good.
4 treatment for the cause, such as the expansion of correct prerenal factors, relieve renal obstruction factors after severe rapidlyprogressive glomerulonephritis or other hormone impact can obtain effect, allergic interstitial nephritis should immediately stop using drugs, given anti allergy drugs.
5 oliguria period, the amount of liquid into the volume into the principle of.
6 correct hyperkalemia and acidosis.
7 as soon as possible to carry out dialysis therapy, dehydration, removal of toxins, correct electrolyte disorders and acid-base imbalance function, so that patients with too little urine period difficult. Strict monitoring of water and electrolyte balance during polyuria to prevent dehydration and electrolyte disorders. Recovery period pay attention to strengthen nutrition, rest and avoid using nephrotoxic drugs are very important.
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