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What are the symptoms of early renal failure

2016-12-29 11:03
How can the early detection of renal failure, problems may be a little is a symptom of renal failure, in order to prevent such risks, should be alert to their own any uncomfortable symptoms, timely treatment, timely treatment.
What are the symptoms of early renal failure? I believe so many patients are eager to describe I don't know! Don't tend to listen to, listen to a fright! Know what are the symptoms of early renal failure, how much patients ah, how many people fall disease abyss ah! Here are the details:
1, anemia due to kidney function damage, the human body can not produce enough hormone needed to produce red blood cells, resulting in anemia. Anemic people often feel cold and tired.
2, edema some patients will appear edema. Reduce the amount of urine medical education | education network to collect, frequent urination (especially at night). Hand foot ankle edema. The other symptoms are shortness of breath, swelling around the eyes.
3, physical discomfort due to toxins and waste accumulation in the body, the patient may feel uncomfortable. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sleep well at night, no appetite, itching and fatigue.
4, other symptoms (hematuria was brown or blood red), blood pressure, urine bubble, diarrhea, excessive thirst, disturbed sleep, sleepiness, or decreased libido. Patients should change their habits, to promote a small number of meals, eat leafy vegetables, avoid gastrointestinal irritation foods such as coffee, tea, and quit smoking and drinking.
How to treat chronic renal failure better?
Chronic renal failure is the result of kidney fibrosis, in the process of renal fibrosis were blocked and the space is reversible renal fibrosis lesions to be repaired, on the current level of medical development, the best way is effective in the treatment of renal failure.
At this point, there have been more and more cases of renal failure confirmed that the use of standardized treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, to achieve the best therapeutic effect of renal failure. Standardized treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of renal failure, will be based on the incidence of renal failure of the source of targeted treatment, has two advantages:
First, it is possible to fundamentally block the process of continuous renal damage, to prevent the progression of the disease continues to deteriorate;
The two is that the patient can be used to continuously repair the kidney to carry out detoxification, and ultimately achieve the disease from the elimination of the disease, the treatment goal.
If only the application of Western medicine to treat renal failure, although in a short period of time will be the patient's clinical symptoms subsided, but want to achieve the basic treatment, such as the above, is far from enough.
For example, the hormone can control the inflammatory response in patients with the urinary protein and occult blood in a short time to eliminate symptoms of patients with kidney disease. But this "palliative" is the result of the patient's condition, resulting in two recurrence, protein, occult blood symptoms appear again.
Patients with renal disease, friends, cure renal failure is expected to be able to achieve, the patient saw the hope that you can live a better life, in order to achieve their ideals and struggle!
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