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Do you know the symptoms of renal failure?

2016-12-28 17:43
Renal failure is a pathological condition in which the renal function of the kidney is partially or completely lost. In order to reduce the chance of kidney failure, in the usual time to pay attention to see the way of life: stick to a low salt, light diet; balanced diet, not overeating and eat too much protein foods increase the burden of kidney; appropriate more water, not water; insist on physical exercise, weight control; prevent colds, throat so, tonsil inflammation, thorough treatment with antibiotics under the guidance of a doctor, to prevent kidney disease induced by streptococcal infection, especially teenagers need to pay attention to quit smoking, avoid drinking alcohol. As long as the above measures, the health of the population can prevent kidney disease, kidney disease has been able to reduce and delay the incidence of end-stage renal disease and complications.
So what are the symptoms of early renal failure? With the improvement of living standards, but the incidence of renal failure rate is very high, a lot of patients in the incidence of the disease was no prophet, so we must know more about this disease, renal failure, prevent the disease brings unnecessary trouble in daily life, then what are the early renal failure the symptoms found here? As we explain in detail.
Now many of the patients suffering from the disease in his case all know that they have been suffering from kidney failure, in fact, this is we to the renal failure did not understand, so we need to learn more about some of the symptoms of renal failure drowsiness, fatigue, poor appetite, pale yellow which is in early stage of performance, almost 100% the patient will appear, which is the most easily neglected, and when this happens, people often ignore the fatigue associated with treatment. In this case, we should always ask ourselves "why not others?" so, when the emergence of fatigue weakness, unexplained anemia or poor appetite, must always go to the hospital to check renal function. High blood pressure because of the kidney has the function of sodium excretion, drainage, kidney damage occurs when the body will be sodium and water retention, in addition, at this time the kidney will secrete a number of substances high blood pressure. Therefore, early uremia patients will have 90% of people with high blood pressure.
If you have hypertension and blood coagulation mechanism difference may cause epistaxis or bleeding gums, to attract attention. Such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hyperuricemia, Sjogren's syndrome and other diseases, to detect the various indicators of renal function. Nocturnal urine increased the performance of early renal failure, with a high specificity, as the frequency of nocturnal urination, urine volume, accompanied by the performance of thirst. Edema, urine volume change is a relatively easy to detect, but also the late symptoms of renal failure. Because the kidneys cannot remove the body of excess moisture and cause fluid retention in the body tissues, only in the early swollen ankle and eyelid, and then to continue or systemic edema. So you need to see a doctor right now.
In the understanding of the symptoms of renal failure after the hope that we usually pay attention to their daily habits, to maintain a good lifestyle for the treatment of kidney disease is very helpful.
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