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What are the symptoms of renal failure

2016-12-28 16:53
Renal failure is a very difficult to cure the disease in nephropathy, renal failure were divided into acute renal failure and chronic renal failure in two types, then you know the symptoms of these diseases? What is below please our experts for you to introduce nephropathy, acute renal failure and chronic renal failure symptoms. Acute renal failure can be divided into four stages: the beginning stage, the oliguria stage, the urine free stage, the polyuria stage and the recovery stage. There may be no starting period for poisoning. The following is renal failure four period: 1, start: when our bodies appear in some symptoms such as shock, then we will have insufficient blood volume, blood pressure, renal vascular contraction occurs, reduced renal blood flow, glomerular filtration rate is also reduced, to reduce the amount of urine, secretion to increase the body reaction of antidiuretic hormone, aldosterone and adrenocorticotropic hormone, to further reduce the amount of urine, the proportion increased, decreased urinary sodium. This period with insufficient blood volume and renal vasospasm, clinical symptoms and only primary disease oliguria. This period is very important to prevent the progression of acute renal failure, such as timely treatment, that is, to avoid the development of organic renal failure stage.
2, oliguria or no urine period: the cause of the disease continues to exist, there will be damage to the renal parenchyma of the disease, mainly the degeneration and necrosis of renal tubular epithelial cells, and thus into the urine or urine. Where 24 hours urine volume less than 400 ml of urine is called less than less than 100 ml of urine.
3 polyuria period: during this period, if the patient has a very good treatment so as to be able to get through this period, then the renal tubular epithelial cell necrosis has been gradually regeneration and repair is not damage nephron gradually restore its function, renal function recovered gradually into the polyuria stage. 4 recovery period: during this period, with the gradual recovery of our renal function, blood Fei protein nitrogen decreased to normal, electrolyte disorders were corrected, urine volume returned to normal levels, the patients get better every day. However, due to the consumption of the course of disease, there is still weakness, weight loss, anemia, such as the concentration of the kidney is not fully recovered, low gravity urine will continue for several months.
The following is an expert on chronic renal failure symptoms:
In patients with chronic renal failure will have systemic symptoms, early in the disease, the patient will appear nausea and vomiting, headache, fatigue and nocturia, gradually oliguria, edema or high blood pressure. Most of the disease population odor, oral mucosa ulcer, nasal bleeding or hemorrhage of digestive tract, can be difficult to concentrate attention, unresponsive, numbness, drowsiness or restlessness, neuropsychiatric symptoms, severe incontinence and even coma; at the same time have chest tightness, shortness of breath, precordial discomfort, prompt concurrent uremic cardiomyopathy, cough, sputum or hemoptysis, night not supine, suggesting that pulmonary edema or uremic pneumonia; a few patients with chest tightness, persistent chest pain, or accompanied by fever, may for pericardial effusion; such as skin itching, pain or muscle twitching, even walking inconvenience, suggesting that concurrent secondary hyperparathyroidism beside the hyperactivity or renal osteodystrophy; patients susceptible to infections, such as respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection or skin infections.
The above article is to introduce the renal failure symptoms, I believe we have a certain understanding, many patients in the early stage of not timely treatment, seriously affect their mental health, under great pressure. Therefore, you should keep an optimistic attitude to the patient's friends, to actively treatment. When the body is unwell symptom, want to go to the hospital in time according to the condition of the illness to make reasonable treatment plan.
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