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What is the relation between kidney failure and prostate hyp

2016-12-28 15:42
The occurrence and development of kidney diseases are regular. So the clinical manifestations of kidney disease is very need to know for a kidney disease, while male prostate hyperplasia as one of male health main diseases, we need to understand the relevant knowledge, in order to prevent the happening of the disease and many people are not particularly clear, understand, let us take a look at the prostate hyperplasia will finally lead to renal failure problems.
Lower urinary tract obstruction if cannot get proper treatment, decompensation of the bladder wall, bladder enlargement, bladder wall thinning, leading to support the further development of ureterovesical junction muscle weakness, and the occurrence of bilateral hydronephrosis and hydroureterosis, renal pelvis expansion into cystic renal parenchyma, gradually expanded; elongation also gradually thinning, and congestion dilation and gradually expanding, renal pyramid and renal columns thinning finally almost disappeared. The glomerulus is still able to maintain the function of urination, but due to renal tubular necrosis, loss of concentration, resulting in a low proportion of urine, in the course of the disease can cause a variety of pathological changes.
(1) reflux of renal pelvis. After hydronephrosis, part of the urine can still be removed from the ureter, but the other part will be returned to the perirenal space, the veins around the renal pelvis, lymphatic vessels around the renal pelvis.
(2) kidney balance and compensation. Hydronephrosis occurred after the loss of function as caused by other causes of renal tissue after, the remaining tissue can produce hypertrophy and change the compensatory function, but the effect of decrease with the increasing age, generally 35 years after they almost lost the compensatory function, renal vasoconstriction, renal tubular atrophy, ureteral pressure gradually low, reduced renal blood flow, renal dysfunction, manifested as loss of appetite, lethargy, anemia, elevated blood pressure, slow consciousness and azotemia, these symptoms are not easy to be found, often misdiagnosed as digestive tract diseases in the elderly, unexplained renal insufficiency, consideration should be given to the prostate hyperplasia.
To understand in prostate hyperplasia will give patients bring these risks, we need to attach importance to know these, after hope can help you stay away from prostate hyperplasia of distress, when physical discomfort or discomfort must be timely to the professional hospital for examination and treatment, to help the recovery of the disease, patients hope can be restored as soon as possible, improve the quality of life.
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