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Nosebleeds may be kidney failure? Several renal failure symp

2016-12-28 15:29
Renal failure is a pathological state of partial or total loss of renal function. The patient's performance varies, some performance is particularly serious, some are not very obvious, easy to be ignored. Renal failure is a more insidious disease, and here we will introduce these renal failure is easy to ignore the symptoms, if you have renal failure and what method can be treated?
1 hypoglycemia: when the renal failure occurs, then it will not be effective in the destruction of insulin in vivo, some of the original high blood sugar in patients with diabetes will appear hypoglycemia symptoms.
2 "female" male: female hormone renal failure kidney cannot inactivated in vivo, many men will appear breast augmentation, reduction of symptoms of female body hair.
3 fracture: generally for patients with renal failure is more prone to fracture, renal failure resulting in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of active vitamin D3 reduced, the patient is easy to fracture.
4 heart failure: the majority of patients with renal failure will have varying degrees of heart failure, renal failure in patients with toxins and acidosis inhibited the contraction and relaxation of myocardial cells to induce heart failure.
5: nosebleeds often nosebleed usually for patients with renal failure, renal failure, blood coagulation function drops, cause the patient often flow nosebleed.
6 anemia: renal failure is easy to make patients with anemia, renal failure leads to reduced erythropoietin, the patient will have anemia and other symptoms of malaise.
What should we do after kidney failure?
First, the cause of treatment. Treatment of the causes of renal failure such as insufficient blood supply or loss of blood, patients will be given to supplement the lost body fluids and water; if there is infection when the infection for further treatment.
Second, dialysis treatment. The selective removal of certain substances in the blood by filtration. In other words, through the artificial way the patient in renal failure after the accumulation of toxic waste, water and salt removed, so that the patient's physical condition back to health. There are currently two forms of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is a special machine instead of kidney function. Peritoneal dialysis is the use of human peritoneum as a filter to eliminate toxins in the body.
Third, kidney transplantation. The process by which an organ donor's kidney is transplanted into a patient undergoing transplantation. Possible source of kidney: family, spouse, close friend or brain dead and who agreed to donate organs. Of course, the most matched kidneys usually come from the recipient's siblings, because they have the greatest potential for genetic cooperation.
We have only two kidney, kidney and liver, kidney is not renewable but compensatory ability, some people are born with a kidney, people can live a normal life, without any restrictions, so these neglected symptoms of renal failure to be clear in the kidney problems timely treatment is still possible to kidney the damage to a minimum.
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