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The concept of functional renal failure

2016-12-28 11:23
Functional renal failure is a serious kidney disease, it is usually caused by a variety of reasons, patients with kidney glomerular serious problems, resulting in patients with the excretion of metabolic waste, water electrolyte and acid-base balance disorder. General is seriously lead to renal function in patients with abnormal, threatening the life and health of patients, hope to be able to pay attention to timely treatment, in general can take conservative treatment or kidney transplantation, I wish you health, wish to recover in time.
1 renal failure patients can be timely treatment, conditional to dialysis treatment, help the patients to excrete the wastes in the body, keeping the body of patients with electrolyte acid-base balance, normal operation is helpful to other organs of the body, Zhu Nijian kang.
2 renal failure refers to kidney operation can not be normal, the patient can not lead to the waste of water and electrolyte excretion, the body can not maintain the pH balance, serious when will threaten the life and health of patients, hope to be able to pay attention.
Don't pay attention to drink plenty of water should be 3 patients with renal failure, will lead to renal burden of patients increased, but also suggest that patients can actively carry out treatment, if the right kidney, kidney transplantation can be carried out, I wish you health, wish to active treatment.
4 second, it is not what to patients in the drug treatment effect, we propose a method for patients with surgical treatment, note that there are certain risks of this surgery well, and at the same time in the treatment of chronic renal failure patients, but also from the life and diet nursing, rest well, otherwise it will lead to the deterioration of the disease oh.
5 of course, if the patients with chronic renal failure of older, so we at the time of treatment, methods for patients with supportive treatment, to the maintenance treatment patients, if the patient has high blood pressure, you also need to give relevant treatment in patients with lower blood pressure.
Renal failure patients should pay attention to always pay attention to their condition, pay attention to rest, to ensure the normal operation of the body can also be, should pay attention to proper physical training, running, skipping the what, but we must act, not excessive force, overload exercise, will only aggravate, bring unexpected results. I wish you health. Thank you
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