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Symptoms of renal failure

2016-12-28 11:23
Renal failure refers to a variety of chronic kidney disease to kidney function after partial or complete loss of a pathological state of renal failure patients rate into uremia, so in the end what is the hidden danger of kidney failure symptoms, often after the development condition is relatively fast, let us the blood supply of kidney deficiency, we can often lead to normal physiological metabolism. So suffering from renal failure, patients will show what symptoms?
Symptoms of renal failure
1 renal failure in this disease, we must make some control of the diet, after kidney damage, waste toxins often have to eat the food not normally excreted, resulting in some of the burden on his body, to eat some high protein and high salt foods.
2 renal failure occurs, patients often appear serious vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, malaise, in the maintenance period will appear when oliguria, when the recovery period will appear in the urine. But also often appear some mental weakness, severe words can lead to brain edema pulmonary edema heart failure.
3 patients with renal failure and now we can do long-term dialysis for treatment, but if the patient's body is more suitable for the operation, we can use the method of kidney transplantation, can better help patients improve the chances of survival. Improve the lives of patients.
Renal failure treatment
1 cases of renal dysfunction in this disease do not ignore the treatment, once the delay treatment, often cause disease progression and development lead to more serious consequences, so male friend has this kind of situation, must be treated as soon as possible, generally available drugs for palliative treatment, disease control!
2 renal failure in the treatment of patients need to live in a reasonable diet arrangements, do not eat too spicy spicy food too strong, we must eat a little light, quit smoking wine! Own mood should also keep good, avoid too much psychological pressure, which is very unfavorable for the condition!
3 patients with renal failure can see Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine for the treatment of this disease is relatively safe and feasible, are generally taking Chinese medicine to treat the! Renal failure after the situation must go to the hospital for further examination as soon as possible. Then according to their condition to choose the most appropriate treatment plan, generally can choose traditional Chinese medicine conditioning way to treatment, because the effect is mild.
Because patients with renal failure often have edema, prone to hyperkalemia, therefore should be based on different edema situation to control the intake of sodium salt. When potassium increased, the amount of potassium in diet should be reduced so as not to aggravate hyperkalemia due to the increase of exogenous potassium. In addition to avoid eating foods containing high potassium, but also can take refrigeration and other methods to reduce potassium content.
Experts tell us to comprehensive nephropathy renal failure disease symptoms have some understanding of what is useful, want to know these symptoms can help our patients more correct nursing and treatment of disease, early rehabilitation, avoid the harm and influence of too much of this disease, for early rehabilitation was better than normal life.
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