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Main symptoms after renal failure

2016-12-24 14:26
Nephropathy is now one of the diseases that endanger people's health, its treatment is a problem many patients will pay attention to, one is the occurrence of the disease is more common, the other is harmful, have to pay attention to.
1, renal failure patients with common symptoms are weak and yellow complexion performance, in addition, the patient's appetite is not good. These symptoms are the early manifestations of chronic renal insufficiency, almost 100% of patients will appear, but it is the most easily overlooked performance. When this happens, people are often associated with fatigue. So be sure to check the kidney function at any time.
2, renal failure patients first symptoms will be edema and urine volume changes. This is the most obvious in patients with renal failure symptoms, symptoms of advanced renal failure is only in the early, swollen ankle and eye face, and then to continue or systemic edema. Patients such as facial swelling, increased urine foam, color deepened, renal pain, urinary discomfort and other symptoms.
3, hypertension is also a common renal failure symptoms. Because the patient has excretion of kidney function, impaired renal function, the body will occur sodium and water retention, in addition, at this time the kidney will secrete some substances raised hypertension. Therefore, early uremia patients will have 90% of people with high blood pressure.
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