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Major symptoms of renal failure

2016-12-24 14:19
Renal failure is a common kidney disease, the incidence is very high, if not treated in time, will develop into a very serious late stage of chronic kidney disease, seriously affecting the patient's normal life and work. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some symptoms of renal failure.
1, drowsiness, fatigue
In the initial stage, renal failure patients will show drowsiness, fatigue symptoms, but often overlooked. This is because the cause of drowsiness, fatigue too many reasons, and most people blame it on the work of panic and fatigue, that a little rest after the symptoms will improve, so it is easy to be ignored.
2, pale yellow
This is one of the common symptoms of patients with renal failure, once kidney failure disease, the patient will have yellow symptoms appear. This performance is very slow onset and expansion, so in a period of not too short time will not show a clear contrast, as people meet in the morning and evening difficult to find all kinds of slow expansion of the same changes.
3, edema
The incidence of renal failure easily lead to edema, this symptom is more intuitive, easy to be found. Mainly because the kidneys cannot eliminate excess body water, leading to fluid retention gap in tissue, early only in the ankle and eyelid edema, after the break away, if the expansion to continue or systemic edema, says the disease has serious.
4, changes in urine volume
The incidence of renal failure is a kidney disease caused by renal function impairment, landing due to kidney filtration function, some patients with the disease stop urine volume will be gradually reduced, even if the urine was normal, due to the exclusion of urine toxins in reduced quality decreased, the body can not be discharged too much waste, so in a certain the urine volume and extent can't explain kidney function is good or bad.
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