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What are the typical symptoms of membranous nephropathy? How

2018-05-05 15:05

The main pathological change of membranous nephropathy is the deposition of a large number of immune complexes on the epithelial side of glomerular capillary loops. This deposit is confined to the epithelial side of the glomerular basement membrane.

What are the typical symptoms of membranous nephropathy? How can the treatment be optimal?

There are many clinical symptoms, such as hyperproteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperedema, hyperlipidemia. There may also be no symptomatic non-nephrotic range of proteinuria, some patients will also have a small amount of hematuria, accompanied by hypertension renal function damage and so on.

The treatment of any disease requires both symptomatic treatment and comprehensive treatment. The key to the treatment of membranous nephropathy is to solve the problem of immune complex deposition. The deposition of immune complexes damages the glomerulus and destroys the glomerular basement membrane.

Clinical Western medicine is mainly hormonal drugs and other treatments, and Chinese medicine is mainly Chinese medicine conditioning treatment. For western medicine hormones, immunosuppressants and other treatment, although it can temporarily control protein and other symptoms and ease the disease, it is also easy to repeat, especially when encountering colds, fatigue and other unfavorable factors, in order to solve substantive problems, or to improve the pathological structure of the glomerulus promotes the elimination of immune complexes and does not allow immune complex deposition to destroy the kidneys. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, because the effect of the drug is limited, the treatment is slow, and the effect is not so ideal.

How to choose the treatment of membranous nephropathy?

First of all, when treatment goes deep into the root of the disease, solves the fundamental problem, activates the human body's immune system, reregulates the human body's immune function, causes the body to produce enormous super-self-repairing ability, speeds up its metabolism and repair, dispels blood stasis and creates new things, and adjusts Yin and Yang. Improved renal pathological changes, glomerular basement membrane permeability, excretion of a large number of immune complex deposition, has reached the renal pathological treatment.

Secondly, we should not only treat the kidney simply, but also give comprehensive consideration to the comprehensive treatment, and consider more factors other than the kidney, such as rest, diet, blood pressure, and environmental standards, to do daily care.

In the traditional treatment process, regardless of general conditions and changes in diet, spirits, anemia, strength, etc., it does not think that the change in these conditions is a prerequisite and foundation for the ultimate improvement of the kidneys. Often these indicators change temporarily. Make a conclusion that the improvement or treatment is effective or heal. In this way, it is easy to ignore the pathological changes of kidney, such as glomerulosclerosis, Mesangial hyperplasia, renal ischemic changes, and a large amount of destructing substances in the kidney.

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