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The kidney disease that doesn't look like kidney symptoms

2017-12-09 17:25

Mentioned nephropathy, one might expect some familiar symptoms: edema, abnormal urination, back pain...... But some kidney disease symptoms are not like kidney disease, and you have to be careful.

High blood pressure increased: as we all know, high blood pressure can damage cardiovascular system and cause stroke, but many people don't know that hypertension is closely related to kidney disease. High blood pressure can cause kidney disease, and kidney disease can also be characterized by high blood pressure.

Nearly 60% of patients with kidney disease show high blood pressure. But most of the patients have never had kidney related examinations. They often try many ways of lowering blood pressure, but they fail to achieve the desired result, because they do not know that the disease is actually in the kidneys.

In addition to generating pain: kidney urine, maintain the important function of the human water balance, excreted metabolites and toxic substances, and a large function can not be ignored, that is the endocrine function.

The erythropoietin secreted by the kidney can promote bone marrow hematopoiesis. The vitamin D produced by kidney can regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism of human body, so as to maintain normal structure and function of bone. So once the kidneys are diseased, the body's bone health is also threatened.

Anemia: anemia is a common clinical symptom, and many diseases are characterized by anemia, but few people think of kidney disease. In fact, anemia is easily caused by the development of kidney disease in the late period, and it is quite stubborn. This is mainly because the renal parenchyma has been severely damaged, the erythropoiesis factor of the kidney is reduced, and the destruction of red blood cells is accelerated.

Skin pruritus: there will be a lot of itching in the skin in spring, perhaps due to skin allergy. But it is worth noting that there is a kind of skin pruritus that may last for a long time, and you should check your kidney function at this time. If a person is suffering from kidney disease, especially in the late stage, the urine toxin spread all over the body, it will stimulate the skin to produce pruritus.

There is a foam in the urine: the ordinary people also have foam when they urinate, but they will soon disappear. If the foam in the urine does not disappear, it may be a proteinuria caused by kidney disease.

Color changes of urine: the color of urine urine suddenly becomes deep, red must be vigilant, especially respiratory or intestinal infection if the urine color red, may be the performance of IgA nephropathy.

Edema: healthy people wake up will also have mild eyelid edema, but not how long will fade, and renal pathological changes of the people will always eyelid edema, some people even showed the body swelling, sudden increase in weight, pressing with a finger lower limb will appear sunken, and the swelling is not easy to fade.


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