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High uric acid will certainly cause gout or kidney disease?

2017-10-30 16:29

In clinical practice, if the patient uric acid concentration beyond the normal range, that is, male or postmenopausal women blood uric acid> 420μmol / L, female blood uric acid> 350μmol / L, can be regarded as high uric acid. High uric acid is just one of the biochemical signs of gout, and some people even suffering from hyperuricemia, it does not necessarily lead to gout. Relevant medical statistics show that about 10% of patients with high uric acid will develop gout.

High uric acid will certainly cause gout or kidney disease? Three types of gout treatment

So, if the symptoms of hyperuric acid patients with what will be regarded as ventilation? There are six kinds: mainly suffering from hyperuricemia; joints at the junction of suspicious pain stone; line cortical cysts without bone erosion; often acute arthritis attack; first metatarsophalangeal joint pain swelling; sick joint skin dark red. Once the development of gout, it will make the body's organ function damage, especially for the kidneys, about 1/3 of gout patients will produce kidney damage, more serious words will lead to kidney failure, and ultimately the development of uremia.

Early stage treatment of gout: in the early gout, this time the symptoms are not very serious, pay attention to alleviate the pain of the same time, the focus should be learned for the prevention of hyperuricemia, regular detection of uric acid levels, once the adverse changes, pay attention to timely medical treatment solve.

Acute onset of gout : gout patients with acute onset time is generally the middle of the night, usually the ankle joints, toes, arms and fingers are very painful, and obviously red and swollen, this time the patient has been uric acid deposition, this The key to treatment is the control of uric acid and the symptomatic symptoms of the disease.

Chronic onset of gout: once reached the chronic phase, gout episodes will become more frequent, will gradually appear a variety of complications, gout will be more and more. At this point the patient should pay attention to reduce the concentration of uric acid, according to the specific circumstances of gout stone timely removal, while fasting purine content is too high food.

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