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How to self diagnose acute renal failure?

2016-12-31 14:00

Known as the "chronic illness killer" in medicine is called "die of cancer" renal failure is a very common symptoms, affect our physical health risk of kidney failure will always occur, what symptoms will be suspected of acute renal failure, how to make a judgment? So below to give you a brief introduction.
According to expert explanation, acute renal failure self diagnosis mainly according to the following symptoms:
First: if patients with past medical history is unknown, and sometimes need to differentiate acute renal failure, anemia, uremia face, hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, blood PTH concentration and renal narrowing, the disease diagnosis support. Renal biopsy can be done when necessary. As far as possible to find out the underlying disease caused by acute renal failure, so find out how the fundamental disease of kidney disease, in the time of the disease found, and then timely treatment.
Second: physical discomfort. In patients with renal failure before, there will be a series of disease manifestations. As the patient's kidneys are destroyed, toxins and waste continue to accumulate in patients, patients may sometimes feel uncomfortable. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sleep well at night, no appetite, itching and fatigue, if long have these symptoms, we must promptly do some check.
Third: edema. Edema is the main symptoms of patients with kidney disease, general patients will appear swelling phenomenon. Reduce the amount of urine, frequent urination (especially at night). Hand foot ankle edema. The other symptoms are shortness of breath, swelling around the eyes, first eyes slowly will develop into systemic edema, on this point should pay special attention to.
The above article is an expert to explain some of the methods of acute renal failure self diagnosis, hoping to be able to help patients find timely condition can help. Acute renal failure is not terrible, as long as the timely treatment, reversing kidney lesions, restore renal function is not impossible.
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