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What are the early symptoms of kidney cancer?

2017-10-07 17:02

Kidney cancer can directly cause people to lose most of their kidney function, so the danger to our health is very large. So what are the early symptoms of kidney cancer?

What are the early symptoms of kidney cancer?

Hematuria: gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria is the most common symptom. Most cases show that the tumor is invading the renal pelvis and calyx, causing intermittent attacks, often without pain. Clinically known as intermittent and painless gross hematuria, it is the unique symptom of urinary tract tumor. But when the clot passes through the ureter, colic can occur.

Low back pain: most of them are blunt pain and discomfort, limited to the waist or back. Because the tumor grows up, the increase in the renal capsule tension can cause pain if the tumor invades the surrounding kidney tissue. Persistent pain shows that the tumor has invaded the nerve and the lumbar spine. Hematuria is coagulated into a cord like clot in the ureter and excreted by urine, which can cause renal colic.

Mass: kidney cancer is palpable in 10% of the waist and upper abdomen. Sometimes it is the only sign. The mass is stiff, the surface uneven or nodular. Physical examination reveals a mass when the emaciated patient and the tumor are located below the pole. If the mass is fixed, it indicates infiltration around the kidney, and the prognosis is poor. Hematuria, low back pain, and mass triad are rare at the same time. It is often a marker of advanced cancer. Flank pain and mass are common in children, which are more common in adults. Tumors located in the lower pole of the kidney are easy to reach. The mass was substantial, without tenderness, and moved with respiration.

When these symptoms found themselves, they should immediately go to hospital for treatment, for these symptoms disappear as soon as possible, so not only can avoid being plagued by the kidney, can also protect your kidney.

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