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Are the symptoms of nephrotic and nephrotic syndrome the sam

2017-09-23 14:57

Nephrotic syndrome not only presents the symptoms described above, but the nephrotic syndrome is not independent but a set of clinical symptoms of glomerular disease. That is, will appear a system of symptoms, the typical manifestation of a large number of low, proteinuria, edema with or without hyperlipidemia diagnostic criteria should be a large number of proteinuria and low. A large number of proteinuria is characteristic of glomerular disease, which is rare in renal vascular disease or renal tubular interstitial disease.
Low: This symptom is mainly manifested in malnutrition in the nephrotic syndrome. The protein in the patient's blood is mainly the hemoglobin contained in plasma protein. Plasma proteins include fibrin, albumin, globulins, and a small amount of protein of union as glycoprotein, lipoproteins, etc., the total amount is 2 ~ 7.8g% .If the total is less than 6.0g% to plasma proteins, it can be diagnosed as low.
Hyperlipidemia: the characteristics of an abnormal fat metabolism in nephrotic syndrome, the increase of the most elevated plasma components of lipoproteins, total plasma cholesterol (CH) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL - cholesterol), cholesterol associated with very low density lipoproteins (VLDL - ch) and triglycerides (Tg) are also elevated. High - density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL - ch) concentration may be increased, normal or reduced; the distribution of HDL subtypes was abnormal, ie the increase in HDL 3 and the decrease in HDL - 2 showed the maturation barrier of HDL 3.
Increased albuminuria: The daily amount of urine protein excretion in normal people does not exceed 150 mg. The increase in proteinuria is due to alteration of the glomerular filtration membrane. The normal glomerular filtration membrane filter can selectively plasma protein, can effectively prevent most plasma proteins from glomerular filtration, only a small amount of plasma proteins in glomerular filtration.
Edema: low plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreases, and water enters the Gap tissue from the lumen of the blood vessel, which is the main cause of edema.
To summarize, is that the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome and nephrotic syndrome itself? Through reading, we should know the answer, and nephrotic nephrotic syndrome is the same disease of different names, so its symptoms are the same.

Are the symptoms of nephrotic and nephrotic syndrome the same

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