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Hematuria is the most important clinical symptom in patients

2017-08-27 16:32

In our side a lot of kidney disease patients will appear hematuria, which is why? Nephropathy greatly affected a lot of people's health. Improve the standard of living, not necessarily effective treatment of kidney disease. Therefore, the prevention of kidney disease prevention work is very important, the following listen to our hospital kidney disease experts, how to correctly prevent kidney disease.

Hematuria is the main clinical manifestation of patients with kidney disease. Often not accompanied by other clinical manifestations, hematuria is often not enough attention by young people and families, which can not be early detection of disease, timely diagnosis and treatment. There are obvious symptoms such as a large number of proteinuria, hypertension or edema before medical treatment, then prompted the prognosis is not good. This is also the elderly patients with IgA nephropathy long-term survival rate of the important reasons. The public should pay attention to regular urine routine examination and found that the naked eye or microscopic hematuria after a timely check in the kidney before the diagnosis of IgA nephropathy need to rule out other diseases can cause hematuria, such as kidney tuberculosis, vascular malformations, urinary tract infection, Thin basement membrane nephropathy, nutcracker phenomenon, which requires red urine cell morphology examination, kidney B ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound and other tests.

The above is about the prevention of kidney disease related knowledge, if you still have knowledge about kidney disease need to understand or want to give us advice, you can consult our online experts for free, for your professional answer.

Hematuria is the most important clinical symptom in patients with nephropathy

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