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Tongshantang Hospital: Symptoms of hypertensive renal diseas

2017-08-16 18:11
Hypertensive nephropathy is a structural and functional impairment of the kidney caused by essential hypertension, pided into benign hypertensive nephrosclerosis and malignant hypertensive nephrosclerosis. Hypertensive nephropathy has a great deal of harm on the human body, the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy is imperative. So, what is the symptom of hypertensive nephropathy? Next, Kidney disease specialist of Tongshantang Hospital will introduce to us.
Hypertensive nephropathy patients may have severe edema. Edema is often the first symptom of hypertensive nephropathy, but also the most obvious symptom of hypertensive nephropathy, the edema is systemic, if press with finger there will have depression. Severe hypertensive nephropathy patients may have pleural effusion, ascites, when the pleural effusion, ascites can cause more breathing difficulties, umbilical hernia or inguinal hernia. Highly edema often accompanied by oliguria, hypertension, mild azotemia.
Tongshantang hospital kidney disease experts expand on the symptoms of hypertensive renal disease. Benign hypertensive patients with renal sclerosis are more common in 40~50 years old, high blood pressure history of 5 to 10 years. Early only have nocturia increased, with microalbuminuria, followed by proteinuria (usually + to + +), some patients may have a small amount of red blood cells.
The above content is the introduction of symptoms of hypertensive renal disease by kidney disease specialist of Tongshantang Hospital, we hope to help.

Tongshantang Hospital: Symptoms of hypertensive renal disease

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