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What are the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease of variou

2017-07-12 17:22
What are the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease of various stages? Polycystic kidney disease is a common kidney disease, it is a genetic disease, well understanding of the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease at different stages can help us treat polycystic kidney disease better. Then let's take a look at it.
Polycystic kidney is pided into five stages: occurrence stage, growth stage, enlargement stage, rupture stage, uremia stage. Followings are the symptoms of different stages:
Occurrence stage: polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease, patients have it from the beginning of birth, no symptoms at early stage. So if there is family disease history you should take regular physical examination to have early detection, early treatment.
Growth stage: the cysts of this stage will grow very fast, patients should take effective treatment. When the arrival of this stage, the patient is usually between 30-40 years old.
Enlargement stage: the cyst has been big at this stage, and accompanied by a lot of symptoms, such as low back pain, proteinuria, high blood pressure, etc, it is a critical stage of integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment.
Rupture stage: cysts continue to grow and rupture, may also be caused by some external factors.
Uremic stage: this stage is the most dangerous, and even threaten the safe of patients’ lives, leading to death, generally take dialysis and kidney transplantation treatment.
The above is a introduction of symptoms of the various stages of polycystic kidney disease, we hope to help you. If you have any other questions, please consult our online doctor or give us a message, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease of various stages

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