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What are the symptoms of renal failure

2016-12-31 15:03
The improvement of living standards, accelerated pace of life, leading to various diseases such as: coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease incidence is rising year by year, do not know the harm of these diseases. Renal medicine in the clinic, renal failure is now a more common disease, renal failure will cause great harm to patients. So in daily life we should pay more attention to renal failure, timely discovery and treatment. So what are the symptoms of renal failure? We ask kidney experts to do a presentation.
Kidney experts, kidney failure is a common chronic kidney disease, its high incidence, with great harm, so many people are very scared. But its symptom has many, the performance is complex, the early symptom performance is light, is not easy to discover by the people. If you can give the appropriate treatment in the early, you will get better treatment results.
The main symptoms of 1 renal failure is swollen, some patients will appear at the same time, will be accompanied by edema, reduce the amount of urine, frequent urination (especially at night). Hand foot ankle edema. The other symptoms are shortness of breath, swelling around the eyes. In addition, patients with symptoms of physical discomfort, including nausea, vomiting, sleep at night is not good, no appetite, and fatigue, etc., this is due to toxins and waste accumulation in the body results.
2 anemia is one of its symptoms. Experts tell us that kidney failure can lead to kidney function in patients suffering persecution, the human body can not produce enough red blood cells needed to produce hormones, resulting in anemia. Anemic people often feel cold and tired.
Method for treating renal failure:
Dialysis is often used as a technical means to prolong the survival of patients with renal failure, therefore, it is advocated that long-term dialysis, equal to renal failure patients have a "machine kidney", the original kidney gradually shrinking, waste.
What are the risks of kidney failure dialysis? First, it increases the difficulty and cost of treatment. Second, systemic organ damage is obvious at this time, and some of the harm can not be refolded. Third, after dialysis complications increased and serious. Fourth, after dialysis began poor quality of life, short survival time. And the original renal function depletion.
In addition to dialysis, renal transplantation is one of the treatment options for advanced renal failure. Renal transplantation can undergo a new kidney to replace the necrotic kidney metabolism, improve the quality of consumption of uremic patients. However, you have not thought about: if the kidney transplant cure uremia really why every year in flawless white jade, the western medicine treatment of uremic patients dialysis, there are so many? Why don't they go for a kidney transplant?
In fact, kidney transplant surgery is also a little insufficient. First, the high cost of renal transplantation is not an ordinary family can afford to accept. Secondly, kidney transplantation needs appropriate kidney kidney, but very hard to find, a lot of uremic patients in the waiting period is a kidney to death. The short-term survival rate of renal transplantation is high, but the temporary survival rate is very low. The renal transplantation patients who can survive for more than 5 years are very few. In addition, the exclusion problem after renal transplantation is also difficult to deal with.
With help in life, can alleviate the symptoms of patients above nephropathy renal failure in a large extent, improve the quality of life of patients with kidney disease patients, to maintain an optimistic mood, active treatment of disease.
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