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Clinical symptoms of renal failure

2016-12-24 14:00
Please experts on the surface for our detailed introduction, I hope the introduction of experts can bring help to everyone. In the initial stage of renal failure, normally no symptoms. To say that we should pay attention to.
What are the common clinical symptoms of renal failure?
1, edema. Some patients will appear swelling phenomenon. Foot and ankle swelling and other symptoms are shortness of breath, around the eyes of patients will also appear swollen.
2, anemia. Because the patient's kidney function has been seriously damaged, but the human body can not produce the required hormones of red blood cells, which will produce anemia.
3, the body is not suitable. Because of toxins and some waste in the body of continuous accumulation, the patient will feel unwell. General symptoms include nausea, nocturnal sleep, lack of appetite, fatigue, and other symptoms.
4, other symptoms of renal failure. Hematuria; foam in urine; extreme thirst; lethargy; decreased libido.
Hope expert introduction to renal failure can bring help to everyone.
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