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How does the blood fat drop of nephrosis patient?

2017-06-08 16:45

In the past, we paid insufficient attention to the use of lipid-lowering measures in nephrotic syndrome, only in recent years have a lot of attempts to reduce the use of lipid-lowering drugs:

(1) 3- hydroxy -3- methyl amyl two acyl CoA A (HMC CoA): HMC CoA is a known inhibitor of cholesterol synthesis in the liver enzymes, so this kind of medicine for hyperlipemia nephrotic syndrome pathogenesis and treatment effect of this medicine is now considered a class of drugs is reasonable and safe.

Beauty lipid-lowering (lovastatin): 20 to 60mg every day, 1 times a day, take at dinner.

II Shu lipid-lowering (Sin Dei Tatin): began Oral 1 times a day, 10mg, 4 weeks gradually increased to 40mg, take at dinner.

(2) probucol, cholestyramine, fiber acid derived agent: these drugs also have lipid-lowering effect, but are not as good as MEVACOR, simvastatin ideal.

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