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What harm and nursing care of renal failure

2016-12-26 15:02
Is a disease with high incidence of renal failure, friends must pay attention to renal failure, should be a clear understanding of the symptoms of disease, but also the abnormal situation appears related to treatment. Kidney failure this disease is more serious, more patients with friends will bring harm, the kidney failure disease related hazards what.
The harm of renal failure:
1, chronic renal failure period. Glomerular filtration rate was 10--15 ml / min, renal function was seriously impaired, the patient has obvious clinical manifestations, easy to develop into uremia.
2, renal reserve loss period. Compensatory stage of chronic renal failure. Glomerular filtration rate was reduced to 30--60 ml / min, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen were normal or mildly high, although renal reserve capacity was lost, but the in vivo environment was relatively stable.
3, chronic renal failure uremia. Residual glomerular filtration rate of less than 10--15 ml / min, is the late stage of chronic renal failure. The symptoms of renal failure were more obvious, multiple body system damage appeared corresponding symptoms, especially in gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and central nervous system symptoms more obvious. Serum creatinine, urea nitrogen increased significantly, water electrolyte imbalance, obvious metabolic acidosis, hyponatremia and Gao Jia blood, serum calcium significantly decreased, serum phosphorus increased, likely to endanger the life of patients.
4, the period of nitrogen. The glomerular filtration rate of 25 ml / min, with azotemia that serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen increased, the renal function of concentration with mild impairment, patients can have mild symptoms, such as polyuria, nocturia, mild anemia, easy to be ignored. In this period, such as the body encountered insufficient blood volume, infection, renal toxicity drugs additional load, the renal function deteriorated rapidly, kidney failure and uremia.
Nursing measures for renal failure:
1, living guidance, patients with chronic renal failure will occur late renal anemia in patients with lassitude, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, it should rest in bed, ward to ensure timing ventilation, fresh air, sunshine. Bed rest is not unlimited, if the patient edema, hypertension decreased, anemia improved, the patient can be appropriate activities. Chronic renal failure patients should be appropriate to reduce the sexual intercourse, raising interest rates for the kidneys, it is very important for a speedy recovery.
2, diet care, how to care for chronic renal failure patients with chronic renal failure can? Staple food to rice, flour based, limit the intake of protein, to reduce the burden on the kidneys, can be made of high quality protein, animal protein, such as milk, egg, meat, beans, peanuts and fast bean products containing plant protein foods. The dialysis patients may be appropriate to increase the protein intake, due to the influence of blood urea nitrogen levels in patients with chronic renal failure, vitamin metabolism, should pay attention to vitamin A, B, C in the diet, in little or no urine, limit mustard, mushrooms, bananas, potatoes and other high potassium foods, so as not to cause hyperkalemia
3, psychological nursing, traditional Chinese medicine believes that seven emotions, can directly affect the corresponding viscera, the Qi, Qi and blood disorders, leading to disease or illness. Chronic renal failure can be cured? Patients with chronic renal failure generally more serious illness, longer course, resulting in patients prone to depression pessimism. You should actively guide the patient education, patient correctly treat their disease, patients are encouraged to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude.
4, strengthen the basic nursing, Chinese medicine, blood deficiency and chronic kidney disease patients with wind, heat and toxic to the patient's skin appears dry, itching, the skin care should be strengthened to prevent infection; patients frequently change underwear, choosing to cotton is better; to guide the patient before and after the mouthwash, brushing your teeth before going to bed after waking up, pay attention to personal health.
That we are not on the harm of the disease is to understand it, this care is also very important, so we should pay attention to in life, to a certain extent to improve their quality of life to the premise, also need to balance your diet, pay attention to the prevention of renal failure.
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