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Do you have diabetes every day?

2017-06-06 10:22

A lot of friends in life love white rice in particular. Some people at least 2 meals a day to eat rice, since I heard that "old love to eat white rice will get diabetes" on the basic rice to quit. What is the relationship between white rice and diabetes? How does good white rice relate to diabetes? is this real? This is not a rumor. However, the relationship between white rice and diabetes is not so "terrible", but, you did not think so "simple".

Long-term daily staple food eat white rice, may increase the risk of diabetes. But not to say that eating white rice will lead to diabetes. This is the two concepts, we do not understand the wrong.

The reason why eating white rice will increase the risk of diabetes, because the most important component of white rice is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, that is white sugar, eat after digestion, will make blood sugar rise faster. This is not empty, there are already a lot of research shows that no matter which country, as long as the rice is the staple food, eat more, the greater the risk of diabetes. Of course, not only white rice, all kinds of white bread, white bread, porridge and so on, will make blood sugar reaction is obvious, their role in blood sugar is not inferior to sugar.

Healthy people, after eating white rice, the general is temporarily in the "high blood sugar" situation, over a period of time, and other digestion almost, blood sugar will return to normal levels. But if they are not sensitive to insulin reaction, long-term, often high blood sugar, so it may really develop into diabetes!

When it comes to this, maybe a friend will ask, then do not eat white rice yet? Ancestors are so eat down, which can not eat do not eat it! White rice can continue to eat drops, but we'd better change in the staple food structure.

How to eat white rice can reduce the risk?

First: replace the staple food or make a mix of staple food

Three meals a day do not eat only fine rice, with coarse grains to eat. If you can not do without food white rice, it is better to cook, add appropriate amount of brown rice, such as purple rice, black rice and the like. Not through the grinding of brown rice, can slow down the digestion rate, so that blood sugar "liter" was a little slower. And if you do not rely on white rice, it can change every day to eat other staple food. In addition, you can also choose to eat rich in dietary fiber potato, such as sweet potatoes on the food to eat, the taste is also very praise.

Second: let the meal slow down

Choose a good staple food, but also pay attention to the speed of eating, eating too fast is not desirable. Eat too fast, first satiety is not strong, and then accidentally eat more. This will not only increase the burden of the stomach, resulting in indigestion, and will cause obesity and other worries. Obesity is closely related to diabetes. Compared with those who chew slowly, people who eat too fast, the risk of type 2 diabetes is 2.5 times higher. This is more and more obesity caused by eating, obesity caused by diabetes, is interlocking. Its own white rice is a kind of easy to lead to elevated blood sugar staple food, then eat the speed must be slower, and with edible fiber-rich vegetables, tofu, fish, meat, etc., sober, so that the body can digest the absorption of nutrients a bit more.

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