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Manifestations of renal failure

2016-12-31 15:26
I believe that renal failure disease such as people are not unfamiliar, but also give patients to pain is also great, so when you have a disease of kidney failure sooner do therapy, can improve the recovery of kidney function. So first to understand what symptoms of renal failure disease?
Specific symptoms of renal failure:
1, nervous system symptoms: nervous system symptoms are the main symptoms of uremia. In the early stage of uremia, patients often have dizziness, headache, fatigue, comprehension and memory loss and other symptoms. With the aggravation of the disease can appear irritability, muscle fibrillation, TiC; finally can develop to apathy, lethargy and coma.
2, respiratory symptoms: acid poisoning patients breathe slowly and deep, serious can see the particularity of acidosis KUSSMAUL breath. The exhaled breath of the patient has urine odor, which is due to bacteria decomposing the urea in the sleeping fluid to form ammonia. Severe patients had pulmonary edema, fibrinous pleurisy or calcification of lung disease, related to heart failure, pulmonary edema and hypoproteinemia, sodium and water retention factors. Cellulose pleurisy is urea induced inflammation; pulmonary calcification is caused by calcium phosphate deposition in lung tissue.
3, cardiovascular system symptoms: chronic renal failure due to renal hypertension, acidosis, hyperkalemia, sodium and water retention, anemia and toxic substances, etc., can occur heart failure, arrhythmia and myocardial damage. Because urea (possibly uric acid) stimulation, can also have sterile pericarditis, patients with precordial pain and physical examination; when the smell and pericardial friction sound. Severe presence of fibrin and bloody exudate in the pericardial cavity.
4, the digestive system symptoms: the first symptom of digestive system in patients with uremia is loss of appetite and indigestion; anorexia can exacerbations, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. The occurrence of these symptoms may be the intestinal bacteria and urease resolve urea into ammonia, ammonia stimulates gastric mucosal inflammation and multiple superficial ulcer etc.. Patients often complicated with gastrointestinal bleeding. In addition, nausea and vomiting are also associated with dysfunction of the central nervous system.
5, skin symptoms: itchy skin is a common symptom in patients with uremia, may be toxic products of receptors in the skin stimulation; others think that with secondary hyperparathyroidism, because after parathyroidectomy, the pain relieved immediately. In addition, patients with dry skin, desquamation and yellowish brown. Changes in skin color, previously considered to be an increase in urine pigment, but with absorption spectrophotometer examination, proof of skin pigment mainly melanin. In the exposed parts of the skin, slight contusion can cause skin ecchymosis. Because of containing high concentrations of urea in sweat, thus opening a white crystalline urea in the sweat glands, called urea cream.
Explain through the symptoms of renal failure disease performance, also can be learned from the disease after renal failure patients to bring great harm to health, I hope people can prevent early disease of kidney failure, kidney failure appeared to early detection and early treatment.
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