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What are the symptoms of early diabetic nephropathy?

2017-05-27 11:30

What are the symptoms of early diabetic nephropathy?Diabetes is a more serious kidney disease, in general, for the treatment of diabetes there is a very big difficulty, so for now, for the disease need to get up early treatment, which reflects the understanding of the importance of diabetic nephropathy. So what are the symptoms of early diabetic nephropathy? Let's talk about it.

For the early symptoms of diabetic nephropathy have what this problem, specifically, should pay attention to the following related issues:

Urinary sugar qualitative screening is a simple method of diabetes, but diabetic nephropathy may be false or false positive, so the determination of blood glucose is the main basis for diagnosis.

Urinary albumin excretion rate (UAE) 20 ~ 200μg / min, is an important indicator of early diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy; when UAE continued to be greater than 200μg / min or routine examination of urine protein positive (urine protein quantitative greater than 0.5g / 24h), that is diagnosed as Diabetic nephropathy. Urinary sediment generally change is not obvious, more white blood cells prompted urinary tract infection; a large number of red blood cells, suggesting that there may be other causes of hematuria.

Diabetic nephropathy late, endogenous creatinine clearance decreased blood urea nitrogen, creatinine increased.

Radionuclide renal glomerular filtration rate (GFR) increased and B ultrasound measurement of renal volume increased, in line with early diabetic nephropathy. GFR in uremia significantly decreased, but the renal volume is often no significant reduction.

Fundus examination, if necessary, fluorescent fundus angiography, visible micro-aneurysm and other diabetic fundus lesions.

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