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Are Kidney stones not pain is cured?

2017-04-26 18:04

Kidney disease experts warned that patients with kidney stones as long as attention, or can be found in the early symptoms of kidney disease. Kidney stones caused by lumbago in addition to the kidney disease symptoms, pain often by lumbago to abdomen, and defer to the genitals. Sometimes the stones stuck in the ureter into the bladder, renal calculus patients often have similar voiding difficulties, urinary frequency, urinary tract infection cases. Urine examination, often found abnormal red blood cells. However, hematuria and low back pain, not necessarily associated with kidney stones.

Hematuria is one of the main symptoms of kidney stones. Pain, often accompanied by gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria, most of the latter, a large number of naked eye hematuria is rare, physical activity can be increased after hematuria. The urine in patients with kidney stones can be discharged sand, especially in pain and hematuria occurs, the urine mixed with sand or small stones. When a stone passes through the urethra, there is a blockage or tingling. Kidney stones are common complications of obstruction and infection, many cases of urinary tract infection symptoms. Obstruction can cause hydronephrosis, upper abdominal or lumbar masses.

Although the pain will make people go to a doctor, but often does not hurt, but it is easy to make the patients with kidney stones mistaken for medical treatment. In patients with renal disease in the hospital, many due to obstruction of the stones, resulting in complete damage to the kidneys, and even the last uremia, often because of mistaken kidney stones do not cause pain. In addition, many patients with kidney stones like to eat Chinese herbal medicine treatment of stones, often do not feel the pain that the drug is effective, the stone away. Therefore, more tragedies happen again and again.

In fact, the obstruction of the ureter at the beginning of the ureter may cause the contraction of the muscle of the ureter and cause severe pain. However, with the extension of the obstruction, the expansion of the ureter due to water, the pain will gradually ease. So remember to check to ensure that the stone has disappeared.

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