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Misunderstandings in patients with chronic renal failure

2016-12-25 16:39
First, hypertension is only satisfied with normal blood pressure: some patients believe that as long as the blood pressure control at normal levels to achieve the purpose, in fact, this is not correct. For chronic renal failure patients, the antihypertensive treatment of hypertension is to control the system blood pressure, but also to reduce the high pressure in the glomerulus, thus play a protective role in renal function.
Two, the more strict diet control: the majority of patients with chronic renal failure need to give control diet with drug therapy. Diet control with low salt and protein intake is most important, such as patients with high blood pressure or edema, can be appropriately reduced salt intake, limiting protein intake.
Three, only pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine: Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of chronic renal failure has certain treatment effect, and Western medicine treatment of hypertension control especially to delay the progress of renal failure can also play a certain role. However, only attention to the treatment on the one hand, often can not achieve the best treatment effect of chronic renal failure.
What are the manifestations of early renal failure?
First, physical discomfort, as toxins and waste in the body constantly piled up, the patient may feel uncomfortable. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sleep well at night, no appetite, itching and fatigue.
Two, edema, some patients with chronic renal failure symptoms will appear swelling phenomenon. Reduce the amount of urine, frequent urination (especially at night). Hand foot ankle edema. The other symptoms are shortness of breath, swelling around the eyes.
Three, anemia, due to impaired renal function, the human body can not produce enough hormones needed to produce red blood cells, resulting in anemia. Anemic people often feel cold and tired. There are also some other symptoms, hematuria (blood red or brown was) and hypertension, urine bubble, diarrhea, excessive thirst, disturbed sleep, or drowsiness, decreased libido etc... of course know so many early manifestation of chronic renal failure. The ultimate goal in order to improve our vigilance, if your body there are some symptoms above, should be positive to the hospital for examination, and related treatment, so as to nip in the bud.
Some patients already identified as chronic renal failure may also need to understand the treatment. The method of treating chronic renal failure in our hospital is "multi cell renal regenerative therapy". The therapy will be healthy cells into the patient, impaired renal cell replacement, healthy kidney cells rapidly proliferation and differentiation of many healthy kidney cells, promote new nephron reorganization and reconstruction, finally gradually restore kidney self-healing ability, so that the clinical symptoms of the patients to normal, to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation.
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