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Complications of renal failure

2016-12-24 10:49
Many people only know what are the symptoms of kidney failure can cause kidney failure, and do not know what harm, kidney failure, multiple organ harm, will damage the body's nervous system, such as system, skin and immune system, so suffering from renal failure patients, we must pay attention to strengthen the daily.
Harm to the immune system:
Renal failure will cause harm to the patient's immune system, so that patients with immunodeficiency, due to cellular immunity and humoral immune disorders often occur in patients with infectious diseases, and severe infection is the leading cause of death in patients with renal failure in weight
One reason to be.
Damage to the skin:
Renal failure will cause damage to the skin of patients, patients with high concentration of urea, the patient's skin that will form the uremic frost, but patients with anemia, will cause the skin pale white or yellowish brown, the patient will appear itching,
Skin ulcer and soft tissue necrosis.
Harm to the nervous system:
Renal failure will cause harm to the patient's nervous system, most patients will be accompanied by neurological damage, the main manifestations of central nervous system damage and peripheral neuropathy.
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