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How do young people find kidney disease early?

2017-03-03 13:49

30% renal disease early onset occult

The incidence of uremia is a process of development. In general, patients with underlying conditions such as obesity, diabetes and lupus erythematosus

It is easy to be complicated with renal disease, and then developed into uremia. In addition, young adults will be sudden uremia, which absolutely

Most of them are developed from kidney diseases such as glomerulonephritis.

Uremia is difficult to detect early, which is mainly associated with the symptoms are not obvious, the development of the disease hidden. "There is a 60 year old man, itself

With diabetes, daughter or doctor. But he found that he had kidney complications, has developed to the late uremia, had to spend huge

Medical expenses for kidney transplantation." Experts point out that obesity, diabetes and lupus patients are prone to kidney disease

Repeated reminders, but there are often patients disagree, they would rather believe their feelings are not willing to do a regular investigation on a regular basis. In fact, for these

Patients with basic disease, every 3 months to spend a few dollars to make a routine urine, you can do early detection and early treatment.

As young adults were found to be suffering from uremia, this case is more common, the patient and his family is also greater blow. "Some patients

The burden is lifting heavy objects, second days was found in uremia." Experts said that young people with uremia in many cases by the development of glomerulonephritis

In the past, glomerular nephritis with proteinuria, hematuria, edema, high blood pressure as the clinical manifestations, the disease is very common, especially in the age of 20~40 years old young men

High rate. It is worrying that 30%~40% glomerulonephritis patients with occult onset, almost no symptoms, in addition to a small number of lucky people were accidentally sent

Is sick, most of them are developed to uremia, there are obvious edema was not able to be checked out, resulting in a lot of tragedy.

Uremia etiology is complex and difficult to prevent

Uremia can prevent Li Jianwen said, a lot of uremia etiology is not clear, from already know the situation, the abuse of drugs can lead

Hair uremia, in addition, in young people suffering from glomerulonephritis, most of which is caused by abnormal immunity, this is not a good way to prevent, only

Early detection and treatment as soon as possible.

Early diagnosis of kidney disease can be diagnosed in a timely manner, can be delayed by low cost of treatment, and once developed into uremia, in addition to

There is no better way to get more frequent dialysis. "Dialysis treatment costs at least $five thousand or six thousand a month, very expensive, and early detection

Treatment, only a few hundred dollars a month can control the disease."

Physical examination urine routine can be found early treatment

How to discover the kidney pathological changes that causes uremia early? The expert points out, the most effective method is to make uric convention. A lot of people have regular urine

Misunderstanding, I think it is very troublesome, many units of the annual physical examination did not include the urine routine. In fact, the urine routine is very simple, and can be tested on the spot

The results, the cost is also very cheap, as long as a few dollars to. Moreover, a small urine routine, early detection of many diseases of the kidney system.

In addition, suddenly found himself suffering from hypertension, do not rush to "blame" diet causes. In fact, young people are part of the high blood pressure

Because of glomerulonephritis secondary causes, may wish to do a urine routine, found "behind" treatment.

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