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Identification of foam urine and nephropathy

2017-03-02 11:31

Under normal circumstances, the urine surface tension is very low, the formation of bubbles less. Urine contains a number of organic substances and inorganic substances, so that the tension in the urine and the emergence of a number of strong foam, so the urine bubble is not necessarily a disease. However, due to various reasons, changes in the composition of urine, urine surface tension increased, the bubble will increase.

Causes of foam urine

1 when the liver and kidney disease, urine bilirubin or protein content increased, the surface tension increased urine, urine can produce more bubbles.

2 bladder diseases, such as cystitis, bladder cancer, or other urinary tract infection, so that the composition of urine easily change and produce bubbles.

3 diabetes, elevated urine urine or urine ketone content, urine pH change, urine increased surface tension.

Reminder: if the urine bubble within a short period of time to dissipate automatically that there is no problem, if the urine bubble for a long time does not automatically dissipate that the kidney may be a problem, such urine may be proteinuria. Proteinuria is an important symptom of kidney disease. The long-term urinary foam should be to the regular hospital to do a urine test.

How to check bubble urine

1 bubble

Urinary foam long time does not disappear, suggestive of proteinuria, this is due to the protein in the urine, the surface tension increases, the bubble is not easy to disappear in the urine, and urine in patients with liver diseases, often appear yellow foam, residue for a long time.

2 see transparency

Normal urine is clear and transparent, such as urine turbid, static homogeneous precipitation mostly salts of urine, besides diet, pay attention to whether with sand like material, if any, is the stone. Urine is cloudy with pus, floc, called pyuria, is a sign of urinary tract infection.

3 smell

Normal fresh urine has a peculiar smell, after a period of time, urine decomposition and release ammonia, ammonia odor, chronic cystitis and urinary retention performance. With diabetic ketoacidosis, a smell of apple. In addition, some foods and drugs, such as garlic, onion, valerian, can make the urine is a special smell.

4 when there are bacteria in the urinary tract, bubbles can be produced in the urine.

In short, there are many reasons for the bubble in urine, but when the urine bubble in particular, large bubbles and longer duration, should go to the hospital as soon as possible.


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