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What are the symptoms of renal failure

2016-12-25 13:33
The symptoms of kidney failure occurred, it easily occurs the phenomenon of Water Association, the two diseases are relatively close, affected normal life of patients, so when the symptoms of kidney failure, patients must be carefully
To treat, timely to professional kidney hospital accept formal scientific treatment, then, renal failure have what symptom?
1, for patients with renal failure, the presence of hydronephrosis, the pain will be very common, unbearable.
For patients with renal failure, this symptom, often manifested as waist or abdominal pain, this is mainly because the kidneys are stem and characterized by severe cramps and pain. For example, urinary stones caused by hydronephrosis often have
More severe renal colic. The tumor of the urinary system caused by hydronephrosis is often appeared in the pain, sometimes without any symptoms.
2, for patients with renal failure, generally there will be frequent micturition, urgency, and some other symptoms.
When patients with renal failure appear dysuria, such as prostatic hypertrophy or tumor often show dysuria, which is mainly due to the presence of urinary obstruction, can repeatedly appear urinary tract infection. Many patients because of repeated urinary system sense
When you see a doctor, after further examination found hydronephrosis, is one of the symptoms of hydronephrosis.
3, there are some patients with renal failure, no symptoms, and in the examination of hydronephrosis found.
This is mainly due to urinary tract obstruction will eventually cause hydronephrosis, but not obvious clinical symptoms or signs, and the occurrence of hydronephrosis causes associated with the formation speed, main reason is often not the treatment of patients. still
Some patients can sometimes not completely clinical performance, but in the physical examination for B timeout found; sometimes with the original clinical symptoms or signs as the main cause of treatment.
Chronic renal failure diet misunderstanding what?
One, do not eat less salt water
Edema is a common symptom of kidney disease, but also the most easily felt changes in patients. As we all know water, salt and edema is directly related to so many patients to eat salt water special attention, resulting in "fear of salt", "water" mentality, what
To not eat salt, the result is counterproductive. Limited salt water for patients with hypertension, edema, oliguria of chronic renal failure patients is necessary, so as not to cause excessive sodium retention, edema and hypertension, etc.. But not all patients should limit water and
Salt. If there is no hypertension, edema and oliguria, should not limit the intake of water, salt. Even if there are edema and oliguria symptoms, should also take a low salt diet, appropriate control of water intake. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure strictly control water, salt
Intake, depending on the specific circumstances determined by the doctor. The fear of excessive salt, water is not necessary.
Two, vegetarian can reduce kidney burden
Chronic renal failure patients should eat food containing essential amino acids of high animal protein, such as milk, egg, fish, should be appropriate to control the intake of plant protein, we should plant proteins such as Soybean Milk and tofu, beans and bean products.
But protein intake should be controlled, daily intake of protein intake should be controlled, the daily intake of protein can be estimated according to their own blood creatinine level roughly. In conclusion, patients with chronic renal failure must be clear, quality
Low protein diet does not mean vegetarian, vegetarian does not reduce the burden on the kidneys.
Three, drink bone soup can be calcium and physical
Bone soup contains more phosphorus, phosphorus accumulation in vivo after eating, will increase hyperphosphatemia. Practice has proved that drinking bone soup not only can not improve the lack of calcium, but also due to elevated serum phosphorus and accelerate renal damage. And low phosphorus diet
Delay not to cause renal function of thyroid function hyperthyroidism, secondary kidney pain, so in patients with chronic renal failure due to low phosphorus diet.
Four, hunger therapy can protect renal function in patients with chronic renal failure
Experts pointed out that many patients with chronic renal failure in the hospital to have severe malnutrition, the reason mainly has two aspects: one is because the control diet, because most patients with chronic renal failure under the control of the daily staple food
The following 250~300g, so that the rice, flour and other staple food and animal protein is over limit, resulting in patients with poor nutrition; on the other hand is part of the patients with chronic renal failure as hunger therapy to reduce the burden on the kidney and take it.
To a certain extent, increased malnutrition, resulting in decreased body resistance and hypoproteinemia, and it is easy to merge infection, aggravate the condition, leading to deterioration of renal function.
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