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Renal failure symptoms which ah

2016-12-25 11:55
Early symptoms of chronic kidney disease may play a warning role in the occurrence of chronic kidney disease, facilitate the early diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease, effectively curb the deterioration of the disease. Usually, when there is a large number of bubbles in the urine, see blood, nocturia, lower limbs or swollen eyes in the urine, the urine routine examination of urine urine protein and red blood cells, it may be a warning signal of early chronic kidney disease. General patients with chronic nephritis are not particularly obvious symptoms of discomfort. So there is abnormal urine, the proposed medical examination and diagnosis. Once the patient feels itself has symptoms very obvious fatigue, anemia appears to go to a doctor, may have been a disease of chronic kidney disease in early stage, it will be late treatment for chronic kidney disease more difficult.

Drowsiness and fatigue. This may be the early manifestation of the disease, but the most easily overlooked, because the cause of drowsiness, fatigue is indeed too many reasons. Especially those in business "to fight", mostly blame on the work stress and fatigue. If the symptoms improved after a little rest, it is more likely to be ignored.

Yellow complexion. This is caused by anemia. Due to the occurrence and development of this performance is divided slowly, so in a long time will not appear obvious contrast, as people often meet difficult to find each other slow development changes.

Edema. This is a more easily perceived symptom. This is because the kidneys cannot rid the body of excess water and cause fluid retention in the tissue space, only early ankle and eyelid edema, disappeared after the break, if to continue or systemic edema, while the disease was more severe.

Change of urine volume. Due to decreased renal filtration function, some patients with the progress of urine output will gradually decrease. Even if the urine volume is normal, because the urine discharges the toxin to reduce, also can cause the waste not to be able to discharge completely outside. So, urine volume does not fully explain your kidney function.

Hypertension. Because the kidneys have drainage, drainage function. So kidney damage occurs when the body will occur sodium and water retention, in addition, the impaired kidney will secrete some substances raised hypertension. Therefore, the early stage of chronic renal failure will have varying degrees of hypertension. If there is a difference due to hypertension and blood coagulation mechanism caused by nasal or bleeding gums, more attention to the poor appetite is affected by the toxin retention caused by digestive function, most people will not to regard it as right. The progression of the disease, will appear abdominal fullness discomfort, nausea, vomiting, or even stools or loose stools, which often is an important reason why the patient had to be hospitalized.

After such a renal failure disease made our patient is really tortured, this disease will endanger the lives of patients, so the disease renal failure we have to achieve the correct treatment of early detection and early treatment, so it is necessary to understand the disease symptoms of renal failure is what. Through the content of the article for kidney failure disease related symptoms have understanding, hope patients friends help.
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