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Kidney failure can cause fracture symptoms? How to arrange t

2017-02-06 14:42

For the occurrence of this disease, renal failure, some patients are not very understanding, so for the treatment of the disease also has a lot of obstacles, then, on renal failure attack what symptom? Renal failure and how to eat it? Here is a detailed understanding of what we do together.

What are the symptoms of renal failure

1, fracture is a common symptom of renal failure, people often ignore the serious symptoms of renal failure, always thought that fracture symptoms just such a unique bone cancer disease. In general, patients with renal failure is more prone to fracture, renal failure resulting in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of active vitamin D3 reduced, the patient is easy to fracture.

2, in general, stroke or hypertension also is one of the symptoms of renal failure, as we all know, under normal circumstances, or will stroke in hypertensive patients during the onset of nosebleeds symptoms. But we should realize that often nosebleed usually for patients with renal failure, renal failure, blood coagulation function drops, cause the patient often flow nosebleed.

3, the majority of patients with renal failure will have varying degrees of heart failure, renal failure in patients with toxins and acidosis inhibited the contraction and relaxation of myocardial cells to induce heart failure. Kidney damage to the health of the patient's heart, therefore, in the incidence of renal failure, the patient will have symptoms of heart failure.

Renal failure diet

1, the supply of high quality protein

When the patient's renal function in the early and mid stage of damage, protein intake per kilogram of body weight is about 0.6 grams per day is appropriate, while the need to make up the heat. In recent years, people have also advocated the essential amino acid or alpha keto acid amino acid preparation. But this kind of preparation price is high, limiting its use scope. In the low protein diet, with high quality protein, such as milk, eggs, fish and lean meat, non essential amino acids of high food such as dried beans, bean products, nuts and cereals and other food should be limited. The food must be sufficient heat energy, at least 35 thousand kg per kilogram of body weight.

2, low salt, low sodium

Chronic renal failure complicated with hypertension and edema of the patients, to limit sodium and sodium rich foods, when necessary for salt free diet. When using diuretics or accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, should not limit sodium.

3, chronic renal failure when potassium is high, should be restricted to contain potassium food

Avoid fruit juice, vegetable and fruit.

4, the supply of high calcium and low phosphorus diet

In the part of chronic renal failure patients, with increased serum phosphate and calcium decreased, thus induced osteoporosis. The ideal diet should increase the calcium content and reduce the phosphorus content. Calcium rich foods include milk, green leafy vegetables, sesame etc.. Cooking fish and meat, boil fish out with water, then stir fried, can reduce the phosphorus content of fish and meat.

5, keep the balance of water

Water balance is important in patients with chronic renal failure. The amount of liquid to be determined according to the amount of discharge. Must be under the guidance of a doctor, to supplement the liquid to prevent excessive intake of water, the removal of obstacles, and increased edema.

6, vitamin supplements

Chronic renal failure must be added when vitamin preparations, due to chronic renal failure patients with digestive malabsorption, with food supplement has been unable to meet the needs of metabolism.

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