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The symptoms of nephritis?

2017-02-04 15:17

Common symptoms: less urine, blood in urine to the naked eye, face or lower limb edema, difficulty breathing

What are the symptoms of nephritis?

1, the prodrome: most patients a month before the onset have a history of infection, have disease much suddenly, but can also be hidden slow onset.

2, onset: more begin with oliguria, or oliguria gradually, even anuresis.At the same time with the naked eye hematuria, duration is not the same, but microscopic haematuria persist, routine urine changes and acute glomerulonephritis are basically the same.

3, edema: about half of the patients appeared edema at the beginning of the oliguria, severity in face and leg.Edema, once appear, is difficult to fade.

4, high blood pressure: when onset some patients with hypertension, also have appeared in the process of after onset, once the blood pressure increased, it is persistent, not easy to fall.

5, kidney function damage: the persistent increasing is the characteristic of the disease.Glomerular filtration rate decreased obviously and renal tubular dysfunction exist at the same time.

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