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Does the presence of foam urine mean that the body is sick?

2017-02-02 14:04

Recently, there are a lot of friends are asking about the issue of foam urine, 


as the name implies, bubble urine is floating above the urine bubble.

We generally see their own urine bubble will be very worried, worried that 


proteinuria, and even fear of nephritis.

But you know what? Some people have a bubble urine, go to the hospital for 


examination, found that the amount of protein is not much, there is no problem 


with renal function tests.

There are a lot of persistent and fine foam, it may suggest the presence of 


proteinuria, proteinuria is a sign of kidney disease, normally protein 


excretion rarely, kidney disease patients may excrete more protein, urine 


protein will change the tension, which is difficult to dissipate foam.

Bubble urine"

Does it mean that the body is sick?

Bubble urine does not necessarily appear to be proteinuria; bubble urine is 


not necessarily a nephritis; everything must be based on laboratory results.

Most of the urine bubble is normal, generally speaking, if the bubble or 


larger sizes, and shorter duration, this is because the urine contains some 


organic and inorganic substances in urine strong tension, belongs to the 


normal thrust foam. This bubble urine does not necessarily mean that the body 


out of the problem, without tension.

Causes of foam in urine under normal circumstances:

1, the height of the previous urination urination: for example, men standing 


urination, urination may produce bubbles; urine too fast, large impact force, 


easy to form a bubble, but the bubble is likely to vanish;

2 urine concentration: in drinking too little, too much sweating, diarrhea and 


so on, the human body due to lack of water caused by urine concentration, 


resulting in high concentrations of urine protein and other ingredients, easy 


to form an increase in urine foam;

3 other reasons: detergent or disinfectant in the urinal is also one of the 


reasons for the bubble urine;

Physical problems, will increase the concentration of urine, urine bubble will 



Causes of pathological foam urine:

1 when the liver and kidney disease, urine bilirubin or protein content 


increased, the surface tension increased urine, urine can produce more 



2 bladder diseases, such as cystitis, bladder cancer, or other urinary tract 


infection, so that the composition of urine easily change and produce bubbles;

3 diabetes, elevated urine urine or urine ketone content, urine pH change, 


urine increased surface tension;

4 when there are bacteria in the urinary tract, bubbles can be produced in the 



Bubble urine should be how to do?

Ordinary people difficult to distinguish the cause of bubble urine, it is 


recommended that you go to the hospital for examination.

- after the examination, if the foam is normal urine without treatment, but 


must pay attention to the daily life habit specification.

For example: a daily supplement of water; light based diet, eat vitamin rich 


vegetables (such as carrots, spinach), fruit (such as apples and oranges); eat 


more lean meat, fish, egg and other high-quality protein, eat crabs, seafood 


and other sensitive components;

If the bubble urine is abnormal, confirmed what disease after treatment.

For example: detection of urine protein, proteinuria, renal damage, as 


nephropathy; urine test, urine glucose, and fasting blood glucose testing 


index beyond the normal range, according to the treatment of diabetes 






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