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These symptoms are not necessarily nephropathy

2017-02-02 14:03

Many people mention disease discoloration, hear the doctor said the nephritis 


is not good. Kidney disease patients will appear some symptoms, such as: 


bubble urine, hematuria, edema and so on, we often think that these 


performance must be nephropathy, in fact, otherwise.

Here to give you a list of several common will be mistaken for the performance 


of kidney disease.

# urine bubble #

The first is the bubble urine. Before flying doctor said the detailed reasons 


for bubble urine, but also explained that the bubble is not urine urine. But 


there are still a lot of friends in asking about foam covered with confusion, 


urine is afraid of guilty, here again, there is not necessarily a bubble urine 


proteinuria. If you want to clarify whether the bubble urine due to kidney 


disease, you need to go to a regular hospital for kidney specialist system 


examination, such as urine routine, 24 hours urine protein quantitation.

On this issue before we have explained in detail through the article, you can 


click to view. Does it mean that the body is sick?

# frequency #

In early nephropathy, due to the decline in renal concentrating ability, need 


more water to the metabolites excreted, it will appear frequent micturition. 


But the frequency may also occur for other reasons, such as psychological 


frequency, cystitis and urethritis. Have the frequency to consider 


nephropathy, but if frequent micturition, pain occur together, urinary tract 


infection more likely.

# cloudy urine #

The most common cause of cloudy urine is that the body is taking in too much 


protein, resulting in increased levels of phosphate and uric acid in the 


urine. After a meal or drink a lot of milk is the cause of phosphate increased 


in urine and other causes of urine gonorrhea is urine serious infection, rare 


chyluria is due to lymphatic obstruction caused by parasitic filarial. So 


cloudy urine is not necessarily a manifestation of kidney oh

I'm a healthy life

Life nursing:

Should pay attention to rest, to develop a good life and eating habits;

Attention to physical and mental health;

And the most important thing is to drink plenty of water, drink less, smoke, 


light diet.

# # hematuria

In some cases of primary glomerular disease, hematuria is the main clinical 


manifestation, such as nephropathy, thin basement membrane nephropathy, acute 


nephritis and so on. In fact, most of the blood caused by urinary system 


disease, hematuria may also be hemorrhagic cystitis, and even the symptoms of 


malignant tumors, not necessarily nephropathy.

# lower extremity edema #

Patients with kidney disease may have symptoms of edema, but not necessarily 


edema is nephropathy. The majority of edema and nephropathy regardless of the 


hot weather, high pressure, long wait for the station for a long time may 


induce idiopathic edema. It may be caused by varicose veins of the lower 


extremities and thyroid dysfunction. The middle-aged and old female friends, 


edema, mostly associated with endocrine dysfunction.

# # backache

Some people have to associate nephropathy, not so good! Most are not caused by 


backache kidney, kidney stones or unless infection, edema and so on, otherwise 


there will be no backache. Backache is more likely to musculoskeletal 


problems, lumbar back pain may be the problem. In addition, pancreatitis and 


other diseases can also lead to the occurrence of low back pain.

-- Epilogue

In fact, whether or not there is a diagnosis of kidney disease, there is a 


positive attitude is the most important. Learn to manage your body, control 


your diet, and exercise your strength.

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