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What are the main manifestations of early renal failure

2016-12-24 17:40
When the disease renal failure we first thought is how to carry out professional treatment, in fact, we know the harm of renal failure is quite serious, and seriously affect the patient's work ability, so for this
The emergence of the kind of disease should be treated positively,
One, oliguria period oliguria period generally lasts 1 ~ 2 weeks, the elderly up to 4 ~ 6 weeks, the longer the duration, the more serious renal damage. Persistent oliguria greater than 15 days, or no urine greater than 10 days, poor prognosis. Systemic symptoms of oliguria: systemic water
Swelling, hypertension, hyperkalemia, nausea, fatigue, lethargy.
Two, polyuria oliguria urine volume index was increased gradually from even more than the normal amount of time, this period usually lasts for 1 to 3 weeks. Because excessive amount of urine, a small number of patients can appear dehydration, blood pressure drop, etc..
Three, the recovery of renal function recovered or returned to normal, urine normal or partial, most patients improved physical strength. Patients generally have varying degrees of malnutrition, elderly patients may still have some infectious lesions.
Chronic renal failure: slow development of symptoms. The patient initially had no symptoms. Mild to moderate renal failure patients, despite increased blood urea metabolism, may still have only mild symptoms. Patients with advanced renal failure often develop intestinal ulceration
Ulcers and bleeding, the skin can become brown, occasionally the urea concentration is too high so that the formation of crystal with sweat, and a layer of white powder on the surface of the skin (Niao Sushuang).
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