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Five symptoms of primary nephrotic

2017-01-26 17:24

What are the five major symptoms of primary nephrotic syndrome patients need to be aware of it?!

1 minimal change disease (MCD), the situation of primary nephrotic syndrome is more common in children and teenagers, hide incidence under normal circumstances, may not have any symptoms, or the symptoms are not very obvious, even to the point of hematuria is usually not obvious, physical discomfort, general situation next, the disease will appear more obvious gross hematuria.

2 membranous nephropathy, occurred in 35 years after the onset of nephropathy in general, very occult disease progression compared to the slow, general symptoms are not obvious, or is not found any symptoms, more prone to renal vein thrombosis, is generally not visible to the naked eye hematuria.

3 membranoproliferative nephropathy, this disease is generally more prone to onset before the age of 30, will be very fast, almost all of the patients are microscopic hematuria, renal function is of reduced about 1/3 can occur in patients with hypertension. This is a more difficult to find a kidney disease, the disease must be treated in a timely manner.

4 mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis, this disease mostly among young people, generally will be very insidious onset, but also can be very rapid onset of acute onset, normally hematuria, but most are hematuria under microscope, and will be accompanied by a mild, moderate or severe symptoms of hypertension.

5 focal segmental glomerular sclerosis(FSGS), the disease usually occurs in the body of young people, most patients are hidden, most will be manifested as nephrotic syndrome, and hematuria can be found under the microscope, renal function showed a loss of.


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