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Manifestation of renal failure

2016-12-24 17:22
1, the body edema. Early edema in patients with chronic kidney disease only showed the morning eyelid edema, or lower limbs with mild edema, and entered the stage of chronic renal failure, it will spread to the swollen parts of the body, face, limbs, and pulmonary edema, ascites and pericardial effusion.
2, hematuria, proteinuria symptoms. Patients with chronic nephropathy proteinuria, hematuria, early stage of the disease is not manipulated, proteinuria and hematuria symptoms will be aggravated, in severe proteinuria, hematuria, proteinuria generally 3++, or even 4+.
3, high blood pressure. From the early stage of CKD progression to the early stage of renal failure, severe glomerular injury patients, glomerular ischemia and hypoxia, blood vessels in the body's blood pressure was not alleviated, there will be a high pressure continuous, i.e. renal hypertension. In turn, hypertension and kidney burden, resulting in a vicious circle, kidney damage and hypertension promote mutual deterioration.
Believe that friends have learned in patients with nephrotic disease renal failure performance, hope that we carefully read this article, after seeing these symptoms to increase the degree of attention, early found early treatment.
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