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What does urine protein quantitative 8g mean?

2017-01-16 11:26

What were you doing when you were 17 years old? Learning tyrants in the high school classroom or a Juvenile have the battle of wits with the teacher and weekend over the wall to surf the Internet.

Yuan is typical of the latter, his grades in the class is also moderate, coupled with the teacher's lax discipline, he will always go online and companions secretly all night, the second day in the morning will come back on the weekend .

For several months, Xiaoyuan found himself physically more than ever before. He will be uncomfortable for a few days after each night back, at first he thought it was a cold, did not think he get more uncomfortable after eating cold medicine, urinary foam is also increasing.

His family took him to the local school during the holiday. Test results show that the urine test was positive, and there were a lot of protein in the urine, a diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome.

The family did not care about the disease at the beginning of treatment, thought to eat some medicine will be able to cure, they didn’t think they can’t stop taking the medicine.

They has missed the best time to treat the treatment when Xiao Yuan's parents aware of the dangers of kidney disease, hormone shock didn’t work too much for him.

The condition has been very serious that 24 hours of urinary protein has been 8.76g/24h, there are a lot of urine in the bubble when Xiao Yuan and his parents came to tongshantang hospital.

Doctors told Xiao Yuan, staying up all night to stay up all night is a trigger for kidney disease, coupled with did not have a good rest later, abuse of cold medicine and other reasons, resulting in a rapid increase in the condition.

After 20 days in the hospital, Xiao Yuan's urine becomes clear, the bubble is also reduced a lot, the most important is that the 24 hour urine protein quantitative down to 0.11g/24h. That is to say,  his urine protein become negative through the comprehensive treatment and combined treatment of Chinese and western!

During the treatment, his urine is constantly changing, from the initial turbidity becomes gradually clear, look at these changes, Xiaoyuan's mother asked the doctor, what is the "dirty" in urine?

In fact, the immune complex dirty things in urine is deposited in the kidney, it is harmful to kidney health arch-criminal, while after Chinese medicine treatment remove it, blocking the leakage of urine protein and improve the renal tubular reabsorption in the kidney, the normal operation of environmental restoration. In this way, the leakage of protein naturally reduced and urine bubble will naturally disappear.











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