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Edema again and again, what's going on

2017-01-16 11:18

Adley at the age of 18 from Xinjiang , he was called "old patient". That's why? We have to begin with 4 and a half years ago that Adley had a double lower limb mild depression edema because of a cold, and had no other symptoms in the local hospital for examination were diagnosed with primary nephrotic syndrome.

In order to better treatment, he removed a number of hospitals, the beginning of the treatment effect is good, edema disappeared and protein decreased, But it didn't have long.

In order to get better treatment, he came to Hebei from Xinjiang only to find the most effective treatment.

He came to our hospital before National Day, was already swollen up.His inspection report shows his protein 4+ and occult blood 2+; 2 time check the 24 hour urinary protein quantitative is even more alarming that his urine protein has to 12.03g/24h, check out the report, Dr. Qin with his illness to he established the treatment plan.

He appeared the edema and protein repeatedly, because before the hospital medication only in eliminating kidney symptoms did not improve his kidney environment, this is what we often say palliatives.The doctor gave his treatment is to eliminate the toxin in human blood, medication treatment, and poison and his toxin belongs to Chinese medicine, because of excessive nutrition and diet caused by environmental pollution; second is the use of Chinese medicine to clear cell renal inherent endotoxin function, not only create a live training environment for the recovery of renal function, but also make a good bedding for treatment.

After a period of treatment, edema disappeared and transformed into a small guy at the floor, very popular, and he especially cheerful personality, often communicate with others about his treatment experiences and summarize experience in the diet.

The doctors and nurses of meticulous care, Adley protein and occult blood were reduced to + -, and 24 hour urinary protein quantitative decreased to 0.63g/24h less than a month's time. When he saw this effect, he was very happy, very excited, because he was homesick.

At the end of October, Adley was released from the hospital. Let us bless the Adley from Xinjiang, in the future growth of the road health, happiness, happiness.

The cause of primary nephrotic syndrome:

Nephrotic syndrome can be pided into primary, secondary and congenital three, primary nephrotic syndrome accounted for more than 90%, followed by a variety of secondary nephrotic syndrome, congenital nephrotic syndrome is extremely rare. The etiology of primary nephrotic syndrome is not clear, the disease often due to respiratory tract infection and allergic reaction triggered secondary nephrotic syndrome is the main cause of infection, drug poisoning or secondary to cancer, genetic and metabolic diseases and systemic diseases.

1 kinds of infections (bacterial nephritis, staphylococcal infection after streptococcal infection nephritis virus (HBV), HIV, HCV associated glomerulonephritis associated glomerulonephritis (GN) malaria parasite Schistosoma japonicum, filarial mycoplasma, syphilis, leprosy etc.).

2, drug poisoning, drug allergy with penicillamine, two heroin (heroin), non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, C Rimstone Shug C Topley (captopril) trimethadione, a hydantion antivenene, perchlorate contrast agent; intoxication and allergic factors are metal organic inorganic mercury mercury, mercury bee sting venom pollen serum, vaccination etc.

3 systemic diseases include systemic lupus erythematosus allergic dermatitis herpetiformis amyloidosis and sarcoidosis, Sj gren syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, mixed connective tissue disease.

4 malignant tumor, especially malignant tumor of lymphocytes, can induce nephrotic syndrome, including Hodgkin's disease, non Hodgkin's lymphoma leukemia, Wilm melanoma, multiple myeloma, lung, clear cell carcinoma, and so on.

5 genetic disease Alport syndrome, Fabry nail disease, sickle cell anemia cystinosis syndrome Jenue antitrypsin deficiency syndrome of patella

6 diabetes metabolic and endocrine disease Hashimoto's thyroiditis amyloid degeneration.

7 other malignant renal glomerular sclerosis, renal transplantation, chronic rejection, etc..













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