• What are the hazards of lupus erythematosus?

    2017-09-06 17:23:03

    Lupus erythematosus believe that we are not very clear that it is a more serious skin disease, to the impact of patients is also very large, it itself belongs to an incurable disease, but the doctor will still advocate through drug treatment to relieve er...

    Tags:hazards of lupus erythematosus

  • How to fight IgA nephropathy?

    2017-09-05 16:52:30

    Currently, the most effective method for treatment of IgA nephropathy is the choice of traditional Chinese medicine treatment。Western medicine can seize the time to control the inflammatory response of patients often show, but the essential reason for inf...

    Tags:IgA nephropathy

  • The life conditioning of lupus erythematosus

    2017-09-05 16:50:05

    The life conditioning of lupus erythematosus is an essential part of the rehabilitation process, scientific and rational life conditioning can be in the process of rehabilitation of lupus erythematosus to bring you a better quality of life. Our experts wi...

    Tags:lupus erythematosus

  • Diet care for diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy

    2017-09-04 17:24:20

    Diabetic nephropathy in pregnancyis suggestedto take active and effective measures to prevent the progression of the disease.The diet is a very important aspect, now let us take a look at diet nursing stage of diabetic nephropathy in pregnancypatients wit...


  • how to cure IgA nephropathy

    2017-09-04 17:22:48

    IgA nephropathy is a common primary glomerular disease, the prognosis is mainly associated with proteinuria PRO, high blood pressure, impaired renal function, glomerular sclerosis, interstitial fibrosis and renal arteriosclerosis, so the treatment of IgA ...


  • Tongshantang:how to prevent iga nephropathy?

    2017-09-04 17:16:35

    This disease IgA nephritisis currently attracted much attention, because the disease is a particularly terrible disease, it will directly affect the function of the kidney, and especially serious abnormal, so many friends want to do a good job in the prev...

    Tags:prevent iga nephropathy

  • What are the causes and symptoms of chronic nephritis?

    2017-09-04 17:10:52

    What are the causes of chronic nephritis? Chronic nephritis is a chronic kidney disease, it is a group of glomerular diseases with multiple etiologies and chronic glomerular diseases, and belongs to immunological diseases. The specific cause of the diseas...

    Tags:symptoms of chronic nephritis

  • What are the causes of lupus erythematosus?

    2017-09-03 16:52:48

    This disease lupus believe we have heard about, but I am afraid not many people know the cause of lupus triggered, in order to avoid the occurrence of this disease, we have to be prepared in their daily lives. So what is the cause of lupus erythematosus i...


  • Lupus erythematosus is caused by what causes

    2017-09-03 16:50:31

    Lupus erythematosus is a more difficult disease, a variety of factors can lead to disease. Therefore, more understanding of the causes of some lupus erythematosus nephropathy, the treatment of disease and prevention are very helpful. So, what causes the l...


  • Uremia and congestive heart failure

    2017-09-02 17:34:03

    Uremia is the terminal stage of various renal diseases. It is very harmful to the human body, especially the complications of uremia, which can lead to death. The following is a detailed description of uremia and congestive heart failure. Uremia and conge...

    Tags:Uremia and congestive heart failure

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