• IgA nephropathy patients in the diet need to pay attention t

    2017-09-11 16:21:55

    IgA Nephropathy is a kidney disease which easily hits children and teenagers. Best diet plan helps improve the outcome of treatment and life quality....


  • Nephritis incidence of five specific factors

    2017-09-11 15:43:04

    Nephritis as a kidney disease, in todays life is very common, the incidence rate in recent years is also high, to the patients physical and mental health has brought great harm. The incidence of nephritis In fact, there are many factors, including externa...


  • Prevention of nephritis from the beginning of the diet

    2017-09-10 17:15:57

    First, control the diet, to avoid excessive intake of acidic substances, exacerbate the acidic body. Diet acid and alkali balance for the treatment of the disease and the prevention and treatment of complications is a very important part. Diet to eat more...


  • Is lupus erythematosus associated with infection?

    2017-09-10 17:11:55

    We all know that lupus erythematosus is a common disease in life, and in recent years, the incidence of lupus erythematosus gradually increased, according to experts, can cause lupus erythematosus for many reasons, then lupus erythematosus and infection? ...


  • How does a doctor diagnose a child suffering from nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-09-10 17:10:44

    How does a doctor diagnose children with nephrotic syndrome? Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disease, diagnosis is extremely difficult, early is not easy to be found, can be diagnosed by laboratory alone. But the same test a single, why we can not see thei...


  • What are the complications of hypertension complicated by kidney disease?

    2017-09-10 17:08:56

    Hypertensive nephropathy now more and more patients, if not timely treatment, it is easy to lead to some complications. Some complications of hypertensive nephropathy may cause damage to the safety of the patient. So people must avoid the occurrence of co...


  • What are the requirements of hypertensive nephropathy diet?

    2017-09-10 17:05:11

    What are the requirements of hypertensive nephropathy diet ?The treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, dietary behavior also should pay attention to, especially some overeating patients are influential for the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, during...

    Tags:hypertensive nephropathy diet

  • Acute glomerulonephritis treatment guidelines

    2017-09-10 16:48:26

    Acute glomerulonephritis (AGN) is a group of acute onset diseases with bilateral kidneys, diffuse glomeruli, and non purulent inflammation as the main pathological features, which are often caused by post infection immune response. Primary acute glomerulo...

    Tags:acute glomerulonephritis treatment guidelines

  • Will chronic nephritis cause uremia?

    2017-09-06 17:39:28

    Will chronic nephritis cause uremia? People often say that its easy to get sick but difficult to be cured, chronic nephritis is the same, it is easy to relapse, and difficult to cure, active treatment is the most important prerequisite. If the treatment i...

    Tags:chronic nephritis cause uremia

  • Aura symptoms of recurrence of lupus erythematosus

    2017-09-06 17:37:28

    Generally believed that the incidence of lupus erythematosus, genetic basis, to immune disorders as the core, to internal and external environmental changes as incentives. For the treatment of lupus erythematosus, modern medicine advocates the use of horm...

    Tags:recurrence of lupus erythematosus

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