• Long-term fatigue causes acute nephritis

    2017-09-24 15:11:19

    Caused by acute nephritis for many reasons, the incidence and nervous system, endocrine system disorders caused by abnormal immune dysfunction, causing glomerular immune injury related to fatigue can induce acute nephritis. Because excessive fatigue can l...

    Tags:acute nephritis cause

  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine treat to Regain Nephritis?

    2017-09-23 14:55:14

    There are many factors that cause chronic nephritis, such as a reasonable long-term diet, strong external stimulation can lead to disease, and the disease has a large impact on the daily life of patients with chronic nephritis, patients often do not can t...

    Tags:nephritis treat

  • Effective measures to prevent IgA kidney disease?

    2017-09-22 16:51:04

    IgA nephropathy is a very serious kidney disease that seriously threatens human health. Treatment of nephropathy IgA has a certain degree of complexity, if not receiving the right treatment, it can cause serious complications. Therefore, we need to pay at...

    Tags:prevent IgA kidney disease

  • Interior decoration how to prevent nephritis?

    2017-09-20 17:33:11

    How to prevent nephritis?Indoor pollution caused by the indoor pollution of the main pollutants through the three channels to produce harm: First, directly through the lungs into the blood through the breath, the second is absorbed through the skin in...

    Tags:how to prevent nephritis

  • Iga kidney disease in patients with diet errors have what?

    2017-09-13 19:47:40

    Iga kidney disease in patients with diet errors have what? Iga nephropathy relies only on drug therapy is not enough, but also in the diet to be conditioning. Scientific and reasonable diet on Iga nephritis patients rehabilitation is very helpful....


  • IgA nephropathy diet prognosis attention!

    2017-09-13 19:45:38

    After Iga nephropathy, in addition to treatment, the daily life of Iga nephropathy is very important care, effective care can not only make Iga kidney disease effective control, but also enable patients to better return to health....


  • iga kidney disease in the end will not inheritance?

    2017-09-13 15:22:11

    IGA nephropathy is a kind of kidney disease, many patients in life because of IGA kidney disease is not a lot of understanding that IGA kidney disease will be inherited to their own next generation, so the heart is very worried, then IGA kidney disease in...


  • Symptoms of acute nephritis in children

    2017-09-12 17:14:52

    Are children prone to nephritis? Perhaps we will not believe that such a small child how may suffer from nephritis it, but the fact that children suffering from a lot of nephritis, then children suffering from nephritis what are the performance of what we...


  • What are the causes of nephritis in children?

    2017-09-12 17:10:05

    Many people in the suffering of a disease will think about why they have this disease, of course, their own things can not think of it, this is the hospital field of the problem, which requires doctors to answer for us, which is years of clinical research...


  • What is the cause of reduced urine in patients with glomerulonephritis?

    2017-09-12 17:00:56

    Glomerulonephritis is a common kidney disease, pided into acute and chronic two kinds, the typical symptoms of glomerulonephritis is less urine. So,What is the cause of reduced urine in patients with glomerulonephritis? What is the cause of reduced urine ...


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