• Do you have to check your eyes when you have chronic nephrit

    2017-10-23 18:22:57

    Many patients have been asked to check the eye in the course of nephritis treatment, but many patients think it is completely unnecessary. Is that really the case? The answer is of course negative. We must know that the eye is an integral part of the body...


  • What are the serious complications of acute nephritis?

    2017-10-23 17:22:24

    Acute nephritis is unusually severe when it attacks, under normal circumstances will make patients completely bedridden and often accompanied by very serious complications, so what are the specific complications? Acute congestive heart failure: acute left...


  • Why during pyelonephritis does not appear bacterial urine?

    2017-10-22 17:33:12

    Pyelonephritis is more common in chronic patients. Such patients can be due to various causes of recurrent, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, hematuria, symptoms such as burning. Urine routine examination is abnormal, urine culture can find pathogenic...


  • Should patients with acute nephritis limit protein intake?

    2017-10-21 17:08:27

    Many patients with acute nephritis are worried about their dietary conditioning problems, so should acute nephritis patients limit protein intake?. The diet of patients with acute nephritis, should not be allowed to decide, should consult a doctor, accord...


  • Some adverse reactions in the treatment of nephritis

    2017-10-21 17:04:49

    Nephritis patients are the most painful treatment of nephritis, during treatment, nephritis patients need strict control diet. And in the treatment of prone to a lot of adverse reactions. Here are some common abnormalities and adverse reactions in the tre...


  • How to prevent the deterioration of chronic nephritis?

    2017-10-15 15:45:10

    More and more people suffering from nephritis, nephritis is pided into acute nephritis and chronic nephritis. Acute nephritis treatment will develop for chronic nephritis, and if chronic nephritis is not actively treated, it will lead to deterioration...

    Tags:prevent of c

  • How to prevent nephritis development into uremia?

    2017-10-05 14:32:57

    According to statistics, more than half of the uremia is developed by the nephritis, and nephritis is also one of the main incentives for the development of uremia, then, how to prevent nephritis development into uremia? The key is to early clear nephriti...

    Tags:prevent neph

  • Early symptoms and prevention of purpura nephropathy in chil

    2017-10-03 16:12:05

    Purpura nephritis is an autoimmune disease caused by allergies which causes kidney disease, and allergens include bacteria, viruses, food, pollen and so on.About a third of patients with purpura nephritis have kidney damage, and children account for a sig...


  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine Regain Nephritis

    2017-10-01 10:00:08

    There are many factors that cause chronic nephritis, such as a reasonable long-term diet, strong external stimulation can lead to disease, and the disease has a large impact on the daily life of patients with chronic nephritis, patients often do not can t...


  • What is the risk of IGA nephritis?

    2017-09-27 16:09:59

    Iga nephritis is a high incidence of disease in our country, especially for children who are more and more. Leading to a variety of knowledge about iga nephritis are very interesting. Here to come together to understand what the next iga nephritis what ha...

    Tags:risk of IGA

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