• Does chronic nephritis pregnancy will increase the burden of the kidney? Which situation should not b

    2017-11-20 17:58:13

    For young women with chronic nephritis patients, whether or not can be pregnant is that they have been worried about the problem, many doctors do not recommend patients with children, mainly due to high risk during pregnancy, kidney burden will increase, ...


  • What problem does IgA nephropathy patients should pay attention?

    2017-11-19 17:20:08

    IgA nephropathy is a common form of chronic kidney disease. It can be manifested as chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria, hematuria, etc.. Because it can last for several years to decades, treatment and rehabilitation time is relatively long...


  • Does acterial urine appear must be nephritis? Pregnant women are alert to pyelonephritis during pregn

    2017-10-28 17:06:46

    The incidence of asymptomatic bacteriuria in women is about 4%, especially in pregnant women, mothers and young girls. Among the asymptomatic bacteriuria in 1/3, the pregnant women develop pyelonephritis. Most pregnancy pyelonephritis occurred in the seco...


  • Nephritis patients need iron supplementation

    2017-10-28 17:03:59

    Patients with nephritis, under normal circumstances, lack of iron in the body, so for patients with nephritis, iron supplementation is also very important thing, so please do not ignore it. Iron is a necessary ingredient for hemoglobin. Kidney specialists...


  • Why does Iga nephropathy occur?

    2017-10-26 17:29:32

    To understand the etiology of iga kidney disease, people can do a better good job in prevention work, for IGA kidney disease, what should we have to pay attention to? Experts pointed out that IgA kidney disease has become an autoimmune diseases in clinica...


  • How is iga nephropathy diagnosed?

    2017-10-26 17:28:11

    With the improvement of living standards, peoples living and working pressure also increased, because of the impact of bad habits, leading to the incidence of IGA nephropathy is getting higher and higher, the disease also has a great damage on the patient...


  • Edema is not always nephritis, how to diagnose nephritis?

    2017-10-25 16:53:09

    Before the acute nephritis disease, there are respiratory tract or skin streptococcus infection history, such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, scarlet fever, purulent skin disease, etc.. Chronic glomerulonephritis is characterized by mild or moderate edema. S...


  • Hematuria is the symptom of most patients with chronic nephritis

    2017-10-24 16:43:37

    Nephritis in the onset of 1 to 2 weeks can be serious complications: such as the occurrence of cough, gas hold, heartbeat, shortness of breath, can not supine, and even blood sputum. This situation suggests that medicine is called a complication of circul...


  • Is the symptoms of nephritis not easy to find?

    2017-10-24 16:41:55

    The early stage symptoms of nephritis is difficult to find, the general patient is the development of the disease to a certain stage before going to check. So what are the symptoms of nephritis? Most acute nephritis patients have a clear history of strept...


  • Do you have to check your eyes when you have chronic nephritis?

    2017-10-23 18:22:57

    Many patients have been asked to check the eye in the course of nephritis treatment, but many patients think it is completely unnecessary. Is that really the case? The answer is of course negative. We must know that the eye is an integral part of the body...


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