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How to treat glomerulonephritis

2016-12-27 16:12
How to see what family treatment of glomerulonephritis glomerulonephritis is the Department of nephropathy? Harmful diseases, many people have been affected by this disease, family and life have been seriously traumatized, many people are concerned about this, to avoid the disease harm, we should correctly treat disease, active treatment can reduce the disease harm, so how to treat glomerulonephritis see what family?
How to treat glomerulonephritis:
First, drug treatment
Diuresis is limited by water and salt, edema is still obvious, can be used diuretics, generally should not use osmotic diuretics and potassium sparing diuretics.
(two) anti infection lesions or patients with fever were required antibiotic treatment for recurrent chronic tonsillitis, urinary protein to be less than (+), urine red blood cells less than 10 /HP, do tonsillectomy.
Two, general treatment
After the onset of bed rest should be to the naked eye hematuria disappeared, edema subsided and blood pressure returned to normal, but still to prevent violent activity and cold, general rest at least six months.
(two) should be given to high sugar and vitamin rich low salt (<3g/d) diet, the occurrence of hypoxemia should limit protein intake.
(three) a significant reduction in urine volume should limit the amount of liquid intake and potassium intake.
How to treat glomerulonephritis see what family? The analysis is given by experts, we should pay attention to, because glomerulonephritis harms widely, want to get rid of the disease harm, everyone in the grasp of how to treat glomerulonephritis see what family after. The main methods of treating diseases of glomerulonephritis, you have to understand, we are not already clear understanding? Medicines can help us treat this disease is very much, but in the process of treatment, with friends must actively cooperate with the doctors, do prevention and treatment for this disease, effective from disease was the most important, make our family and psychology to maintain better, so that they can have a normal life.
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